Prince Harry is back in California looking very calm after the catastrophic UK

Could it be that Prince Harry has an epiphany about his life?

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Some say it looked like the prince, formerly known as Harry, was staring out the car window on his way back to California after that catastrophic trip to the UK, where the crowd yelled at him and his very unpopular wife, Megan. .

I guess it’s never funny to find out that people think you’re a big, grumpy and sucking our wife too.

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The New York Post reports that Prince Harry returned to the United States late Sunday night after flying in a private jet before his grandmother’s platinum jubilee celebrations ended.

Harry – who was provoked by his wife Megan Merkel during their only official appearance on their rare UK trip – was particularly depressed when he was photographed returning to his new home in the narrow Santa Barbara, California.

He left his old home in the UK, Fragmore Cottage, according to the sun, at 1:30 pm on a jet from Farnborough Airport – meaning his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, before his final appearance at the celebration to mark him. Historic 70 year reign.

“There was no fuss, they just went,” an insider told Sun of the Trip that Harry’s daughter was in the UK for the first time for Lilliput.

“They didn’t stick around for the Platinum Jubilee competition,” the insider said.

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According to Surya, their private jet was priced at around 200,000, insisting it was not clear who paid for it.

She’s glad to be so concerned about the environment, isn’t she? 3

Looking at Harry here, it looks like someone pissed on his cornflakes:

I don’t blame Harry. The weekend was a nightmare for the “Royal Standards” or anyone else’s standards.

And what happened on the Queen’s birthday made it clear that Harry was no longer a part of that world… and I can guess from the sad, longing look on his face that a part of him felt bad about it.

His family and his country, his mother had the closest relationship with everything, good and bad. Although he was not a fan of the monarchy, he was a part of the legend, and it was important কে who Harry was in that dynamic.

Harry’s “popularity” is now in the toilet, thanks to him and his wife’s nobility, and it also appears that his family has moved on happily without him.

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Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

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