President Trump’s response to Susman’s “not guilty” verdict is the most epic

Hillary Clinton’s lawyer has been found “not guilty” of lying to the FBI in a Russian fraud case.

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But before you get too shocked, please remember who sat on this jury:


Besides, why didn’t Durham press for the recall of Judge Chris Cooper in the Susman case?

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– Cooper was a professional friend of Susman

– Cooper’s wife is represented by former FBI lawyer Lisa Page

– He married Cooper and his wife, Merrick Garland

– Cooper was hired by Obama

It seems almost unreasonable that Durham did not ask for the withdrawal, did it?

And that was with the jury?

The whole thing smells rotten like a swamp.

Does this mean that no one on the right will ever see justice or get a fair trial in DC?

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That’s exactly what it means, but you already know that … and President Trump knows that too.

His reaction to the verdict was no less bitter.

How Trump managed to remove Joe Biden and the entire Deep State machine in a true posting on Susman is quite remarkable.

Here is what Trump said: “Our legal system is corrupt, our judges (and judges!) Are extremely biased, uncompromising or just terrifying, our borders are open, our elections are rigged, inflation is high, gas prices and food costs” through the roof, “our Military “leadership” is waking up, our country is going to hell, and Michael Susman is not to blame. How is everything else going? Enjoy your day !!! “


I don’t blame President Trump for his anger.

I think we all feel it today, but again, sadly, it was to be expected.

It would have shocked me if they had convicted him, to be honest.

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Today’s verdict with Susman is a perfect example of why someone like Hillary Clinton should never be detained. These oppressors will get their justice in the hereafter, and we have to accept that for now … unless something radical changes happen to our country.

Wetlands protect themselves.

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