President Trump thinks something is really “fishing” with Elon

I can tell you, President Trump is not going back to Twitter.

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In fact, he doesn’t even believe that Elon will actually buy it.

Trump took Truth to social, where he posted a very jam-packed “truth” bomb that would bring back Elon’s so-called Twitter purchases, Twitter BOT problems and rumors Elon Trump’s account.

First, Trump, an intelligent, smart businessman, says there is no way to get through this Twitter deal – first, he thinks Elon is too smart to go through a dumb deal, and also, that Twitter accounts destroyed by too many bots and fake accounts.

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Afterwards, President Trump addressed Elon’s proposal to bring him back to the site, and he made it clear – once and for all – that he was not interested in returning to Twitter.

And why would he be, when he continues to create this amazing new popular platform?

The name TRUMP is huge, when the truth is fully implemented, it will be a behemoth.

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Here is what King MAGA said:

True social future, Twitter past.

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But, if Elon’s sale goes away, I still want him to restore President Trump’s account because they should never have removed it.

That mistake must be corrected.

And, since it was President Trump’s account that he created and turned into a powerhouse, he should decide what to do with it.

If he doesn’t want to use it, then so be it. But it’s his choice.

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