President Trump sent a handwritten “Get Well Soon” note to the popular MAGA Twitter

President Trump is very thoughtful. Let me tell you exactly what this wonderful man has done.

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There is a very popular MAGA Twitter personality who goes by the name “Cathard

In real life, he’s a 50-year-old “country boy” who has a beautiful farm and a bunch of animals – several of which are “rescued” animals, which is really special.

Catturd has a great sense of humor and a real skill to trigger liberals, which is always a bonus. This is an amazing account, and I encourage you to follow him Here.

Well, recently, the guy behind the name Catturd had a medical fear.

He was in the hospital twice, thanks for the bowel movement … scary thing. I followed his situation on Twitter, as did MAGA King himself, thousands of other concerned fans, including President Trump.

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President Trump saw Catard sick, so he printed out his tweet describing his medical condition and wrote him a quick “get well soon” message.

Now, I don’t know how Trump got the original note from Catard, but I’m sure MAGA KING has his way …

I like that Trump called him “C” on the note. The word “catturd” was not in it for writing and it is probably the best … ha ha ha!

As you can imagine, Catturd was so excited, and he shared an amazing note on Twitter, saying how humble and excited he was.

I don’t blame him. I think the note says a lot about how much people love Catard and it also shows how thoughtful and kind President Trump is.

Two for two.

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Here is what Catard said: “Wow – everyone knows about my recent hospital stay – I just received a handwritten message of well-being from President Trump. What a great person for an old country, ordinary people like me. So polite. Very excited. “

People online really liked the note:

“A personal note from the King of Great Maga. Now it’s Ultra Maga”

“You’ll never see it from that Jobiden because the guy can’t even spell his own name …”

“What a wonderful person. That’s why I admire the 45’s.”

“Donald Trump is a prince among men.”

“The best president of all time!”

“Whatever his failures, Trump is the most humane, as well as the most decent president we’ve ever had.”

“Our President is awesome, he’s the best !! Thank you President Trump for what you do !!”

“It wins the internet for today!”

“Maga King Maga is sending greetings to the faithful.”

All I have to say is, God bless Trump for being a “blue collar billionaire.”

He is the President of the people, and that is why we love and support him.

I’m really pleased Catturd shared that note, and I hope he’s feeling much better.

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We need him in this fight to save the soul of our country.

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