President Trump has solved the “mystery” of this J6 “secret witness” nonsense

Comy show trials are starting in high gear, everyone.

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Buckle up, they’re pulling all the “Hollywood” style stops to try to bring down President Trump … again.

The Left and RINO are so desperate to use this comedy show trial that they are trying to bring down President Trump again that they have hired a “Hollywood” producer.

So far, the ratings have been unusual.

No one pays attention to this nonsense.

We can’t afford gas and groceries, but should we care that the chalk count fax machine was wrecked about 2-stupid-years ago?

One of the real tragedies of that day was the assassination of an unarmed Trump supporter named Ashley Babbitt. Beyond that, it was an event that went out of hand and was probably exacerbated by “outside political forces”.

More news: Jonathan Turley caught something very “said” about this J6 “Secret Witness Bombashell” stunt

But regardless, Mr. Producer is pulling all the stops to increase the rating

So, they found this “surprise bombshell” witness, who turned out to be a “coffee gopher” and a glorious receptionist who knew nothing but testified about how “he heard” and how “scared” he was …

Things that will not be allowed in the courtroom …

It’s also worth noting that he wanted to work for President Trump just eight days after Jan. 6 in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. That’s weird, isn’t it?

His name is Cassidy Hutchinson, and he claims that he heard that President Trump was so overwhelmed when he was told he was not going to the Capitol on Jan. 6 that he tried to command Limo from a Secret Service agent.

He added that later, he threw his lunch on a wall.

It’s the real “Amber Hard / Johnny Depp” type thing, isn’t it?

It’s weird that this is the first time we’ve heard about this, have we? In particular, the committee considered it a year old, and in this event we had an impeachment trial, as well.

So, what gives? Why now?

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Okay, it looks like we know the reason, and it was related to that “job” in Mar-a-Lago I told you he wants.

Here is what President Trump said on Truth Social:


Looks like another disgruntled employee is trying to get Trump’s name to get his 15-minute fame and maybe land a gig on CNN or MSNBC.

Or perhaps a book, like that Vindman guy from Ukraine impeachment sham?


Have you noticed that there is no high ranking person who says these things?

It is always these low-level staff and helpers.

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And we know why … everyone does.

What a fake.

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