President Biden spoke to the nation tonight about the escalation of violence

During his presidency, Donald Trump did not speak out on poverty reduction, child protection, women’s rights, disability or racial equality. As for guns, he insisted on not allowing any guns at the recent NRA convention where he was speaking. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Hussein’s government. A President without sympathy is a President who will ignore and endanger the weakest of our people.

President Biden has the qualities that a democratic leader should have. Proving his honesty in his role as father, public servant, husband, brother and friend, America restored this pride and morality when it voted out Trump and elected Biden. Biden knows what it’s like to mourn the loss of a child, a spouse. He knew what it meant to grow up in a loving, hardworking family where there was no abundance of money. He knows what it means to earn, not to inherit money. He knows what it means to be a religious person. In contrast, Trump has made untrue claims about himself and where he stands to pander to voters and donors. He also changed his position on the negative response from voters. A president who is only interested in power is a danger to our democracy.
Trump has consistently displayed irresponsible, immature, unpredictable behavior for hot ups that entertain and annoy his base.
During his presidency, ridiculing a disabled journalist was hailed by those attending Trump’s rally, which led to criticism of the character and values ​​of his supporters.
During a Black Lives Matter show, Trump used the Bible as a photo option to express his disrespect and ungratefulness about the sanctity of religion. It is clear from the way he lived his life as an adulterer, liar, and racist that he was not righteous. However, he has stumbled upon stupid, ultra-religious Americans to see him as the savior of white Christianity by staging photo ops and lying about his religiosity.
This fake photo op was the most shameless manipulation of Trump’s gun-worshiping, white supremacist, pseudo-patriotic wing of his base. His betrayal (and sadly he was right): “All I have to do is embrace and kiss the flag, and my foundation will never believe that I deliberately incited rebellion to illegally hold the presidency.” If the base is willing to research Trump’s past statements, they will find that he doesn’t like their style and they don’t think he’s smart.
Ridiculously, sadly, the misleading attempt to look like a “powerful” image that has been smiling off their heads for millennia.

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