President Biden Buffalo visits New York to comfort and support their families

During a visit to Buffalo, New York, President Joe Biden denounced white supremacy as “a poison that flows through the politics of our bodies.” To honor the victims of Buffalo, NY Mass shooting. She Describes the gunman as part of a “hateful minority.”. President Biden reminded us that it was a Nazi march in Charlottesville And Trump’s remarks, “there were good people on both sides,” led to his decision to run for president.. In his speech, Biden insulted the words “white genocide” and “white substitution theory” which the shooter used in his manifesto. President Schutter has been accused of “providing a hateful, perverted ideology at the root of fear and racism.” Contrary to Trump’s compromising tone towards the Nazis Charlottesville, Biden was hostile, racist and strongly condemned the MAGA Domestic Terrorists. Trump will stump in a politically hateful, deadly march, while Biden will show resentment regardless of hatred Of political consequences. There was no spiritual moment in Trump’s faithful inspiration as he tried to comfort the nation. After a tragedy. However, Biden quotes from the Scriptures to help comfort people of deep faith who were grieving. Loss of their survivors.

Two “big lies” Trump has spread: 1) he won the 2020 presidential election, 2) he does not support white supremacist parties.
In “Stop the Still Rally,” Trump called on proud boys and other white supremacist groups to attack the Capitol on January 6 and stop the violent peaceful transfer of power. The brutality, racism and violence inherent in the ideology of white supremacists appeals to Trump. At every rally, interview and social media post, a tone of anger and violence emanates from Trump’s mouth. He is not kind, sympathetic or concerned about those who suffer from poverty, racial hatred or sickness. You don’t have to like Joe Biden; However, it is clear that he is more sympathetic, forgiving and sympathetic than the vindictive, wicked Donald Trump. His attempts to show concern for his supporters (whom he calls idiots) attack Democrats, not by showing sympathy for the needs of his followers. His character lacks a part that many sociopaths and narcissists are missing. During the uprising, he did nothing to stop the rioters who were violently attacking the police and threatening the lives of government officials. Witnesses say he saw the rebellion with pride and an improved mood.
He may be charged by the judiciary with negligence of duty, as well as other federal offenses related to his attempts to steal the election.

Gaslighting Technique 101: Blame someone else for the crime you are committing. At the moment, his lies are so blatant and unnecessary that only stupid people believe his BS.

In a 2016 lecture at Liberty University, Trump blew up this biblical reference because he had a strange kiss to a Christian evangelical group. He stated that the Bible was his favorite book, ahead of his own book, The Art of the Deal. He talks about defending Christianity by bringing “Merry Christmas” back to retail stores. His efforts to convince the audience that he was a devout Christian were worthwhile. Trump hoped that announcing how proud he was to be a Presbyterian would convince evangelical Christians that he was a man of deep faith. He fabricated false pretenses as a man who believed in himself in order to win votes.

Big religious lies: # 1 “I’m right,” # 2) “Democrats are fighting Christmas,” # 3) “

This is not a list of abominations until Christians choose Trump as their Messiah. Republicans must find a candidate who is not a deceiver, who lives a moral life, who is honest, charitable and respectful, and who is loyal to democracy. Trump is adept at escaping without acting in alliance with his words. He says he loves America, embraces the flag and then tries to invalidate a legitimate election by inciting a deadly uprising. He says he is the least racist person, then the racist of Mexicans, the asylum seeker “caravan of terrorists” and the black football players who are called “thugs” in protest of racial injustice. He said, “No one respects elders like me” and then referred to the dead soldiers in a cemetery as “losers and suckers”. The Republican Party has sold its soul for power, and now it is dying a slow death. MAGA-WING BAD; Silent-winged idiots and involved in attacks on democracy.

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