Poor ol ‘orange can’t take a break … Can you see what’s wrong on this stage?

I decided that Tim Biden / Harris was cursed.

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Seriously … this is the only logical explanation for all their misfortunes at the moment.

These two can’t hold a break, and I think it’s because action is waiting for them in every single corner, and for good reason, isn’t it?

Fraudsters never succeed …

The disqualification of these two buffoons is off the chart.

And one is not better than the other. Both Biden and Harris are ridiculously naughty politicians who just can’t pull it together, no matter what they do or who tries to help them.

I guess if you had to choose between the two, you’d tell Kamala… just because Joe has an excuse for his incompetence তিনি he’s obviously got a ragging case in Alzheimer’s.

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And shaking, talking about ding-a-ling orange, did you notice that he sat down with the recent bright nonsense?

I’m talking about the stage at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, where Kamala sat there under the word “Louisiana” which was misspelled.

They have dropped the letter “i” from the word “Louisiana”.

Good sir.

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Of course, it’s small, it’s not the end of the world, but it’s another screw-up in a pile that is getting so long that it’s about to reach the moon soon.


I think this meme was my favorite response …

Biden and Harry’s names are written without “I”.


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Very clever and creative work from Grand Old Memes.

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