Polish group dresses like “Trump supporters” for group photoshoot, but they get it

We like to find interesting things for you to read, and we stumble upon a confusion.

The term “LARP” stands for “Live-Action Role Play”. And you’ve heard the term captive about things like rearrangements of the Civil War, dungeons, and dragons, really a “role-playing” kind of scene where people are creating or recreating a historical moment or fantasy.

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What you seldom hear, however, is that people redefine the lives of those who seem to be “patriotic Trump-pro-Americans,” but this is exactly what is happening in Poland.

A group of Polish people are lurking in a series of foreign photos as patriotic Americans on July 4th.

I think it’s a “progressive” group, and that’s why they’re targeting so-called “rednecks” or “Trump voters” or what they think we do and how we look.

More news: Newsmax host Greg Kelly has just said something “very fishy” about the shooting.

Anyway, it caught my eye; I thought it was unique and you might be interested to see it.

In this role below, the Poles re-enact the Ohio Americans on July 4th.

And don’t worry, I have some comments about these pictures …

Let’s go:


Maybe the title of this project should have been “July 4 in Portland” রয়েছে It has zero “Ohio” vibe.


Polish people think America is a big “fight club” movie, where boxing matches are scattered randomly. Ha ha ha


I still can’t attend a BBQ where someone was arrested. I feel like a jeep. That cop will fry her ass in a jacket like hers in July.


Okay, that friend from “No BS Zone” looks a little feminine for this special photoshoot.

Maybe it’s “ankle boots”, matching denim, crossed legs, but bad welding and clothing. Ha ha ha


Polish people think the evolution of the evangelical church is a spontaneous breakout in BBQ. Why is everyone wearing a jacket (and flannel) in the middle of summer?


Overturned trash cans are weird … Ohio burbs are actually really clean. This picture reminds me of this meme:

How do you do that?


My daughter wears this kind of mask to moisturize her skin. Not sure why the Polish people think we eat these at BBQ, or we eat peanut butter sandwiches on the 4th of July. Also, the man next to her is wearing a thick wool daddy’s sweater. And not nitpick, but it should be a Budweiser or Coors beer.


People with purple hair are not * usually * very patriotic.


I don’t want to know what it is …


4th July Fight Club winner … Look at the guy in the background, far left, wearing a green puffer jacket in the summer. The other guy in the background on the right seems to have just finished climbing Mount Everest. He so bundled up. Ha ha ha


That kind of seems right, I guess. Without the fishnet in July, and the boys will probably wear cargo shorts, not thick pants.

Don’t Polish people understand how hot July is in the United States?


Why would Americans wear flannel and zip-up hoodies on July 4th? They want to pass from heat exhaustion. Seeing the white guy “throw the party mark” makes him look like he’s making beautiful shadow dolls.

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Here’s the tweet I found:

So, it’s interesting to see what foreigners think about American “Midwestern” culture.

They really miss the mark.

To me, I think this photoshoot looks more like the patriotic American costumes of Antifa members than the actual Ohioans.

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I think the poles should go back to the drawing board.

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