Police refused to enter the Texas school during the mass shooting

There are still many unanswered questions about the horrific genocide at an elementary school in Texas.

When Dames kills 19 minors for political purposes, the rest of America wants to know what really happened and how to stop it.

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We know the killer, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, was mentally ill.

He would cut off her face to get “fun” and get in her car, and Bibi would shoot random strangers with a gun.

He was terrifying, lonely and aggressive and violent. There were red flags everywhere and the police have dealt with him many times in the past.

So, this is a very practical aspect that we need to look at – mental health.

Another important point is that the way the police responded – or did not respond – to the shooting also affected what happened.

And in this case, parents and spectators are reporting that the police did not respond … In fact, when the spectators asked the police to go inside and stop the shooter, they refused.

Disappointed spectators asked police officers to charge Texas Elementary School where a gunman killed 19 children and two teachers, eyewitnesses said Wednesday. The year-old shooter was killed by a Border Patrol team.

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“Go there! Go there! ” Women in the neighborhood shouted at officers shortly after the attack began, saying Juan Caranza, 24, who had seen the scene from outside his home on the other side of the road at Rob Elementary School near the town of Uvalde. Caranza said officers did not go inside.

Javier Cajares, whose fourth-grade daughter, Jacqueline Cajares, was killed in the attack, said she ran to the school after hearing of the shooting, even as police arrived outside the building.

Annoyed by the police not entering, he, along with a few other pedestrians, raised the idea of ​​charging the school.

“Let’s just hurry because the police are not doing what they are supposed to do,” he said. “More could be done.”

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“They were unprepared,” he added.

A few minutes ago, Carranza saw Salvador Ramos crash his truck into a ditch outside the school, grabbed his AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle, and shot two people outside a funeral home nearby who escaped unharmed.

Thank God for the Border Patrol Agent who ran into that school without any backup and shot the shooter dead.

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And just remember, Demra is trying to defend and finish Border Patrol … glad they didn’t succeed.

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