Pictures of Speaker Pelosi in a “publisher” bathing suit have gone viral for everyone

Hopefully, by now everyone has eaten breakfast.

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If not, apologize.

But I happened to be in a story in the New York Post, where Pelosi has a neckline immersed in a bathing suit.

Apparently, she is in Italy with her drunken husband, staying at some mega-exclusive resorts owned by Andrea Boseli.

Photographers took a picture of Pelosi walking on the beach in her bathing suit. She is wearing a pair of white pants and an open white shirt, showing off her “sausage” turquoise suit.

For an 83-year-old woman, the look is a bit too much.

More than a month after Paul, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was caught for DUI in California – leaving him in jail – the multi-millionaire couple was spotted at a Reggie resort on the Italian beach owned by legendary tenor Andrea Bosselli.

The Post exclusively obtained photos of the couple – Nancy wearing a white dress and Paul wearing dark shorts and a shirt – hanging out with Boselli, his wife Veronica Bertie and others at the Beach Club in Alpemar.

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The California Democrat was also depicted in an animated conversation with a group including Boselli and Bertie inside a beautifully decorated tent on the beach.

Insiders report that most patrons did not recognize Pelosi and kept asking lifeguards who he was.

The resort, so exclusive that rates for private cabins are only available via email request, is located between the beach and the mountains at Fort de Marmi, about 60 miles west of Florence.

“Take a few dips in the clear blue sea and soak in the bright Tuscan sun on the VIP beach, where Maestro Andrea Boseli himself can be present!” The club boasts on its website. “During your Alpemare period, you will enjoy a wonderful wine flavor of Bocelli wines straight from Azienda Bocelli with a delicious appetizer.”

Meanwhile, back home, middle-class Americans can hardly put Biden on the dining table with the high cost of inflation.

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Warning: Vomiting may occur:

Here is a closeup of the image:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“The resort where Nancy is currently vacation is so exclusive that room prices are not available on their website. Meanwhile, America’s poor are battling skyrocketing inflation, pump pain, the infant formula crisis and attacks on our southern border. ”

“Good Lord, Granny, you’re 90 to 8 years away, take a scoop-neck bathing suit.”

“That’s what the Dame leadership is doing a week after Rock was removed.”

“Our elites are very fat”

“Like Jill in her fashionnet, Nancy doesn’t wear clothes for her age.”

“No one will see it except Andrea Boseli who can’t see the start”

“Knockers full of vodka”

“You are out on bail and cannot leave the county. Pelosi’s husband is out on bail and in Italy. You’re not. “

“When Harry meets Saggi.”

“I didn’t understand it when I talked about inflation.”

“His hand really shows his real age. What a great ”



Those memes are great!

Personally, I think Pelosi’s coarse bathing suit is the least of our concerns.

The middle class can hardly keep their heads above water for the dam’s dangerous “climate change” agenda, and how these old, wicked elites spread their wealth and power in our mouths while trying to destroy us is the key issue. To stay focused

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But yes, I agree that Nancy should invest in a scoop-neck suit, it would leave much more to “imagine”.


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