Pelosi thinks Scotas Row V. Demra has a shot against Wade Overturn

In response to Friday’s Supreme Court decision overturning Rowe v. Wade’s decision to create a constitutional right to abortion services, House Democrats are considering a number of legal proposals, according to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Democrats have been preparing for the high court’s move, according to Pelosi, since Politico released a draft opinion early last month.

Pelosi outlines three special plans that House Democrats are considering.

One can formalize Rowe’s decision in law since 1973. Another would clearly indicate that any attempt by states to ban interstate travel in search of free, legally approved abortion providers for women to travel across the country for any purpose would be thwarted. A third would prevent the collection and distribution of reproductive health data, which is kept in apps.

Rep. The second measure by Sarah Jacobs (D-Calif.) Would be to prevent that information from being used against women by a rogue prosecutor in a state that criminalizes abortion, Pelosi writes.
Your reproductive and sexual health information is protected from app and website searches so that they cannot be used against you. It cannot be shared or sold, ”Jacobs argued before the Supreme Court on Friday.

Justice Clarence Thomas also targeted Pelosi. Thomas used Friday’s decision to overturn Rowe to push for other court-backed rights, such as same-sex marriage and the abolition of certain types of contraception. The speaker claims that Democrats are also working hard to legislate to support these freedoms and may prevent any future court from overturning them.

He noted that legislation is being introduced to better code the freedoms that Americans are already enjoying. “More details will have to come. “

None of the proposals in the Senate are likely to garner enough Republican support for President Biden to go to a desk beyond a GOP filibuster. Indeed, the House Democrats passed legislation before this Congress to codify Rock, but the upper house rejected it.

Even now, Democrats aim to show that they are the party that supports individual liberties in terms of Rowe and their message will inspire like-minded voters in a year when their foundations will be frustrated and they will lose. House.

Pelosi, who acknowledged in a letter written last week in response to Roe’s verdict, acknowledged that “the next path will depend on the outcome of the midterm elections,” aware of this dynamic.

In addition to highlighting the difficulties, we must also highlight what Democrats are doing to address them, he commented at the time.

He emphasized the message on Monday. To end Filibuster and restore the fundamental rights of women এবং and the freedom of all Americans তিনি she added, “It is imperative that we protect and increase our preferred majority in the House and Senate in November.”

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