Pelosi has issued a dossier in response to Rip Flores’ “pushing” allegations

The Dame Party today is an “anti-observation” party.

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What do I mean by that?

Okay, they don’t want you to look around and observe something.

Because if you do, you will see and hear things and come to your conclusion.

Leftists will like that you don’t do this, so they can instead say what you have seen and heard and control your emotions and messages.

This is their approach to the obvious case of Joe Biden’s Alzheimer’s and to the economy.

What you see is not real:

More news: Senate Sergeant of the Arms who advised a “set up” on January 6 has been found dead

Joe is not a stunned, confused buffoon … he is a brilliant political mastermind who is in complete control.

The economy is amazing. You’re better off now than ever before and you have to thank Joe Biden for that.

So, what you see with your own eyes must first go through the Dame filter, and that includes people like Nancy Pelosi that we see, in the video, right in front of our faces.

Because if you watched yesterday’s scandalous swearing-in ceremony for Myra Flores, you’ll know that Pelosi gave the young daughter of the new GOP representative an elbow in disgust.

That’s right – you can see the whole thing happen. It’s not a secret, there’s no way to “spin” it, isn’t it?


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With the backlash mounted, Pelosi has an excuse.

Here’s what Pelosi’s office is claiming now: “It’s unfortunate that the” news outlets “who are well aware that the girls in the Republic of Flores misrepresent the speaker’s efforts to ensure that they are not hidden behind him in all the photos of such an important moment. Family.”

It’s scary how these comrades are rewriting the truth so shamelessly.

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They don’t really care what you think or say, because they will tell a new version of what happened and they won’t deviate from it.

This is how communists work.

However, when it comes to the behavior of their enemies, even if it’s not for you to see, they will tell you that it was …

They are doing just that with the Jan. 6 Shem hearing, as they try to remove President Trump again.

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