Pelosi could not utter a single false word about Rowe v. Wade’s decision without Professor Turley.

The left has lost its marble in the Row vs. Wade regime.

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Today, as expected, the Conservative-led court overturned the law and returned abortion issues to the states where they are included.

Of course, the left thinks that the extinction of Rowe Wade means abortion is now illegal.

Sadly, this is not true.

Now, the states will make their own laws, and I am sure the blue states will happily continue to kill innocent children.

There’s a lot of fake news going around, and one of the biggest culprits is Nancy Pelosi.

But don’t worry, Professor Turley is shaking on all his lies.

More news: [VIDEO] Pelosi’s soul is crushed and defeated, almost in tears, for the “Row v Wade” decision

Here is what he said in a few tweets:

Speaker Pelosi just reiterated the false claim that the decision would now undo cases in contraception and other cases. This is simply untrue and the court has explicitly addressed that false claim.

… Most reject that claim and note that “perhaps it is designed to arouse unfounded fears that our decision will harm those other rights.” Despite the statement to the court, mentioning the next election to the speaker seems to reiterate that view.

..Speaker Pelosi called these judges “right-wing politicians.” This is another attack on the integrity of the court and its members. Yet, even deans of law have called these judges “biased hacks”.

স্প The speaker’s attack on these judges irritates the anger but the test of leadership is to introduce an element of reasoning at such times.

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It’s nice that Professor Turley thinks Pelosi is able to say “reason” and “truth” at any time …

He must be living under a rock.

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The leftists will try their best to spread lies as much as possible, hoping to blow up their zombie base in the 2022 election.

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