Liquor and whistleblowers appear when corruption threatens democracy. Patriot

  • “When is a leaked policy”? An article was asked in a conversation in June 2017 ৷ There seems to be a positive side to leaking information “Research has shown that people are willing to play the flute when they believe their organization is employed.Corruption and illegal behavior“They can speak out to counter the larger threat of cherished values, e.g. Democracy and the rule of law. Professor of Law Kathleen Clark Using phrase “Disclosure of public interestTo mention such leaks. In some cases leaks and whistleblowing have been found to protect the First Amendment. However, leaking large amounts of information, even if the goal is to expose government corruption or atrocities, can do more harm than good. The likelihood of compromising national security increases when more information is released simultaneously (The Conversation, 2017).

Republicans have become masters of deviation for three reasons; 1) they are constantly cheating, 2) they are constantly lying, and 3) their policies are racist, pro-rich and anti-democracy.

The Republican Party is a group of cheaters who learned how to cheat from America’s first authoritarian, deceitful, sociopathic president. For decades, Donald Trump has been living his life and career by cheating. It is documented that over the decades he has defrauded contractors, attorneys and business associates of millions of dollars. He deceived the armed services by inventing a lie of having bone spurs. He has defrauded the government of billions of dollars by lying in his tax returns. He cheated on his three wives. However, despite his pathological deception, he became the richest, most famous, president of the United States, and was never publicly accused of the crime he committed. The power-hungry GOP has embraced deception because, so far, it has worked for Trump. Or is it? He lost the presidency after one term; He lost the House, the Senate, the Trump University, and the Donald J. Trump Charity Foundation. He has so far escaped prosecution; However, because of this deception, he did not achieve what he set out to do: to be president of the United States, to win the Nobel Peace Prize, to win popular votes, and to be physically attractive.

Trump also tried and is still trying to cheat on his way back to office by lying about the 2020 election being rigged through massive fraud. He tried to cheat on his way back to the office by filing more than 75 election fraud cases. He collaborated with Republican surrogates who tried to steal and manipulate voting machines to deceive Biden into winning the presidency. He backed the idea of ​​replacing the selectors who voted for Biden with fake selectors who would vote for him. If Republicans are loyal to a fraudster, it means they support fraud. Being in power now defines the fullness of the Republican Party. Announcing this, Senator Mitch McConnell acknowledged, “There will be no discussion of policy until the end of the term.

Mitch McConnell’s arrogant confession that Republicans will not reveal the policies they will follow if they regain a majority in Congress will intimidate both Republicans and Democrats. McConnell denies transparency because he is a power-hungry, corrupt politician. He does not believe that the Republican electorate has the right to know what their leaders are standard for, or worse, he knows if they knew they would not vote for the Republicans. His strategy is to silence Republican politicians on the ideology of the brutal and insane MAGA movement, to support the lie that Trump’s 2020 election was rigged and to avoid discussing policies that address issues such as healthcare, racial discrimination, abortion and poverty. Republican voters are beginning to better insist that their representatives avoid relinquishing their responsibilities in order to acknowledge what they stand for, and to stop relying on the full monstrosity of what their opponents stand for. McConnell is angry about the leaking of Justice Alito’s draft on Rowe v. Wade due to the potential damage to his team. Hillary Clinton was not so upset when she was leaked during her 2016 campaign.

As long as the corruption of the Republican Party continues to spread and threaten our democracy, we can only hope that leakers and whistleblowers will continue to try to protect our democracy from corrupt Republicans and their silent activists.

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Former Twitter chief Jack Dorsey has now said that Donald Trump should return to Twitter

With limited exceptions, former Twitter chief Jack Dorsey says he does not believe in permanent bans on the platform. Elon Musk indicated on Tuesday that he would lift the Twitter ban on former President Trump after he took over the platform.

“Musk claims that Jack agrees that individual Twitter users should not be permanently banned. Axios Business Editor Dan Primack tweeted on Tuesday: “Reminding that Dorsey was the CEO when such a ban was imposed,” he wrote.

“I agree,” Dorsey wrote in a follow-up tweet. Permanent sanctions are our failure and do not work, which I spoke about here after the event (and called for a strong social media protocol). “

He retweeted a statement written in 2021, following Trump’s ban on Twitter following the January 6, 2021 capital riots, in which Trump supporters, encouraged by the former president’s fake rhetoric about the 2020 election, tried to dissuade Congress from certifying the results. Selection

Twitter has raised the possibility that Trump’s remarks could lead to more bloodshed in the United States. “I think it was a good decision for Twitter,” Dorsey said in a statement at the time. As a result of a unique and unavoidable situation, we had to sacrifice all our efforts for public safety. “

It is true that a ban has real and serious consequences, “he said. In my opinion, despite the clear and obvious exceptions, sanctions on such matters are a failure on our part to encourage healthy dialogue. “

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday at the Financial Times’ Future of the Car event that Twitter’s move to ban former President Trump from the company was a “mistake.”

A large part of the country was “isolated,” but Trump “did not lose his voice,” he claimed.

According to the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), President Trump should be allowed to return to Twitter.

“Whether you like him or not, President Trump is one of the most important politicians in this country, and a lot of people want to hear from him. “We know this because we’ve taken him to court 400 times,” Romero said.

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MSNBC anchor Joy Reid has announced that women will ignore the upcoming ruling strike

Older white men are consulted to make decisions about women’s rights and freedoms. It’s not going to happen. So they are ready to deny the impending judgment to take away federal protection for abortion rights by reversing Rowe v. Wade. 70% of American women are in favor of the right to choose. However, the GOP does not pay attention. Senator Mitch McConnell, a power-hungry, talkative old man from Kentucky, has sold his decaying soul to Donald Trump in exchange for religious extremists, alt-right Supreme Court justices. Neither Trump nor McConnell is a religious man. They worship money and power and say the right words to deceive white missionaries and poor rural Americans by saying “make America great again” and promise to return to 1950s politics. White fear politics and rejection of secularism have forced Republican voters to abandon biblical teachings and support bigotry and cruelty.
Peaceful protesters marched near the home of Justice Brett Kavanagh. The right to freedom of speech and the right to peaceful assembly have been exercised in constitutionally protected peaceful demonstrations. Republican commentators say the protests “exceeded the limits.” Republican commentators say these are “crowds of harassers who have violated acceptable protest parameters.” The claim by political parties that the January 6 violent uprising was a “normal tourist day” is hypocritical. The practice of being above the judges’ reprimands is outdated and ridiculous. “Why should Supreme Court judges be free from civic reaction? (MSNBC opinion). Any claim by the court that it is apolitical is considered a joke by the American people. MSNBC comments, “If one does not want to endure such pressures, one has the option of not taking a position of extreme power as a public official who makes life-and-death decisions about others.” Protesters were peaceful in protest of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft views on abortion. Judges are unelected, politically appointed for life, and enjoy a level of privacy and accountability that should not be acceptable in a democracy.
There is no way that Americans will allow their young daughters to suffer unwanted pregnancies, especially those that result from rape or incest. Justices Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Connie-Barrett, conspiracy theorist Clarence Thomas and Chief Justice John Roberts will soon strip a woman of her reproductive freedom and lifestyle choices. However, the potential loss of life and trauma will motivate women to vote for Republicans outside the office. In addition, women have already started an organized resistance movement that will refuse to recognize the loss of control over their bodies. The Conservative branch of the Supreme Court is a stigmatized group of unpopular extremists who are so out of touch with the American majority. It would not be surprising if we finally see one of these characters indicted, resigned or accused. Justice Roberts is the only judge who does not appear to be owned by Trumpism. However, his leadership is weak and activating extremism without encouraging conservatism.

Gov. Greg Abbott and Ron Desantis are toxic men with frightening ideas about how women and minorities should be treated in a democracy.

Joy happily signs a 15-week ban on abortion – no mention of funding for her forced childcare. Republicans are a party of grievances, not solutions. Journalists still have to ask questions to expose corruption, cruelty and incompetence.

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The DOJ has yet to respond to abortion lawyers targeting Supreme Court houses

Protests by abortion lawyers outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court judges have not been answered by the judiciary, although a federal law seeks to “influence” government officials and invalidate the outcome of court cases.

With a draft opinion leaked last week indicating that the Supreme Court plans to overturn the landmark abortion case Rowe v. Wade, pro-abortion activists are now targeting the private homes of six Republican-appointed judges.

Picketing or pairing with a court or a building used by a judge, judge, or witness, or a building or residence owned or occupied by a court official, with intent to obstruct, obstruct, or influence the administration of justice. Up to $ 1,000 or one year in prison.

Despite the language in federal law, Attorney General Merrick Garland has not yet publicly commented on the protests outside the home of conservative Supreme Court justices. When Fox News Digital reached out to the Department of Justice (DOJ), Garland’s silence and the reason for not arresting protesters were both unanswered.

Andy McCarthy, a senior fellow at the National Review Institute and Fox News, said: “They are advancing their political interests by portraying the draft Supreme Court opinion as more extreme than their constitutional obligation to faithfully enforce the law and protect both the court and the judge.” Contributors

“I would like to point out that Attorney General Garland claimed a few months ago that the judiciary was interested in protecting teachers and school administrators when he sent the FBI to investigate parents who protested the inclusion of racist and anti-American material in schools.” “But it would be a state crime, not federal, because the relationship between parents and the school is state and local, not federal,” McCarthy said.

Last fall, the Justice Department issued a memo asking the FBI to investigate a “threat of violence” at a school board meeting in order to protect school officials from threatening threatened parents. McCarthy referred to this document. Because the National School Boards Association (NSBA) wrote a letter to Vice President Biden urging his administration to consider the parents’ protest at the school board meeting as a possible act of “domestic terrorism,” Garland’s request was widely criticized.

“On the contrary, as an institution of federal law enforcement, the Supreme Court has unequivocal jurisdiction over the security and safety of its judges. It is unforgivable that the judiciary is now so quiet and inactive, when it was loud and active for a productive debate that had no authority, “McCarthy told Fox News Online.

Ian Pryor, a senior legal adviser at America First Legal, lamented the department’s lack of response to Fox News Digital: Merrick Garland militarized the DOJ against the parents just four days after the Biden administration received a letter from the NSBA, although the FBI had no evidence of increased harassment or threats against the school board. “

“Even when protesters demonstrated outside the residence of Supreme Court justices in an attempt to influence a verdict, we did not hear from Merrick Garland. Those who disagree with the government’s extreme views have been treated with contempt, and the administration appears to be well on its way to supporting those goals with extremist, pro-people measures “continuing from the outset.”

In response to growing criticism of the gathering outside the Supreme Court justices’ residences, White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie tweeted Monday that Vice President Biden “fully believes in the constitutional right to protest.”

According to Saki, the use of violence, threats or vandalism is never acceptable. It is important for judges to be able to perform their duties without fear of their own safety, as they play an important role in our society.

As a result, Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network, tweeted on Monday that the White House had “no problem” with activists protesting outside Supreme Court justices, although Justice Alito was reportedly forced to leave his home. .

Protesters gathered outside the homes of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanagh over the weekend, while the “Shut Down DC” group staged a second protest outside the home of Justice Samuel Alito on Monday.

Supreme Court Justice Alito has leaked an opinion that would overturn Rowe v. Wade and allow states to control abortion.

For the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health case, Alito wrote in a draft judgment in February, “We think Rowe and Casey should be dismissed.” Depending on the constitution, “it is time to bring abortion back into the public debate.”

The opinions expressed by contributors and / or content partners do not necessarily reflect their own and not necessarily those of

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What Republican voters don’t notice or what they just don’t pay attention to most

This is what Republican evangelical Christians and Republicans think of rural Americans. He is completely cheating his voters. To really find a conservative living in America, would he have to be branded as their stupid sheep or donkey?
Trump’s support and defense of men who sexually abuse or who are accused of domestic violence is proof that he believes women are liars and that men can do whatever they want with women. Most of the candidates he supports in the medium term are either abusive or criminally corrupt. Department Third-party candidates who support Trump are Franz, a conspiracy theorist who thanked him when he reprimanded them. How insulting it would be for a Republican to keep the jobs they deserve from Trump?

Candidates who support Trump on allegations of domestic violence And sexual harassment:

  • Hershey Walker – Ex-wife accused of physical abuse, other women accused of abuse and admitting mental illness, threatens to shoot once with police
  • Several women have accused Nebraska Gov. candidate Charles Herbster of violence against them (Trump called Harber a good man who is being falsely accused. Sounds familiar?).
  • Trump backed Sean Parnell, a Pennsylvania candidate for the Senate, before he was eliminated from the race for abusing his ex-wife and their children.
  • Former Missouri Governor Eric Grittens has had to resign over credible allegations of physical and mental abuse by his ex-wife. Working from Trump’s handbook, Greaten denies the allegations and is running for office.

Honorable mention since Trump was president goes to serial pedophile Judge Roy Moore from Arizona, former top White House aide Rob Porter accused of molestation by his two ex-wives, and Republican Matt Gates, a minor accused of sex trafficking. Trump’s toxic masculine pathology embraces feminists and feminist abusers to normalize male dominance over women. Women who marry or vote for toxic men need intensive therapy or religious deprogramming.

These pictures are not fake. These are criminals, Nazis, members of the Ku Klux Klan and alleged sexual harassment and pedophiles who love Trump and who love Trump.

CNN Politics, 2018-

“If there’s one consistent thing about Donald Trump when he emerged as the presidential candidate in June 2015, it’s: when women accuse men of sexual harassment or domestic abuse, Trump stands by men.”

Trump has always been on the side of men, unless they are democrats. His Republican friends and followers get the pass. Complaints against Rob Porter, Roy Moore, Matt Gates and other men accused of physical and sexual offenses against women typically include comments such as, “They said they did not,” “People’s lives and careers are being ruined,” and ” He is a good man at heart. ” No wonder a fake Christian accused of sexual harassment would defend men of his type. Women who find aggressive men attractive are themselves flawed. Women and men who criticize women as victims of abuse are themselves victims.

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