The only job left for Trump is to earn him millions of dollars

Dangerous auto rats, dictators and religious leaders come and go throughout history. Their lives usually end in shame, dramatic death or painful imprisonment. However, along the way, people die, careers are ruined and countries fight to survive the abuse of corruption. Trump has broken the law in the eyes of the world and has so far protected him from trial as president and former president. Trump’s name has been trashed in the business world so he now relies on his innocent supporters and Lopat Republicans to line his pockets with his grants. The product he is selling is white nationalism, a false message of his support for Christian values ​​and promises that he will never leave it to the people who need it the most. More books have been written about Trump’s corrupt attacks on democracy than any other president. Many of these books are written by Republicans, members of the military, and moderate Democrats who, through information and observation, know that Trump likes it when processing a mentally unstable, insecure dictator who hates democracy. Justice is coming from New York, Georgia, Washington DC, and countless additional sources. Until the rule of law is upheld, he will snatch hundreds of millions of dollars from voters and black money donors from his paycheck.
Disagreements against Trump coming out of legal trouble. The ability to abuse the court to delay his day in court has prolonged his arrogant independence. However, breaking the law and hearing Trump’s tapes and videos in a court of law, including a judge and a jury, will end the carnival of corruption. Democracy will continue to suffer unless every corrupt person, including Trump, is held accountable by the judiciary.
This statement is true, not fake news and is easily proven. President Obama has never been investigated for violating the constitution, trying to bribe foreign leaders, misusing military or government funds, or failing to pay taxes. The reality is, there was no presumption of illegal behavior; He won the Nobel Peace Prize and was elected for a second term. Republicans have abandoned their commitment to conservative American values ​​and the Constitution in support of dictatorship, corruption, and power, and representatives of both parties know that the worst president in U.S. history.
With business failures, rising debt, rising attorney fees and an appetite for spending, Trump now relies on conspiracy theories to entice his followers to send him money. It is a sad and disturbing scenario to see financially struggling Americans paying a trust fund child. However, most Americans reject the notion that celebrity hacksters hold high positions. This is why he lost the 2020 election.

[VIDEO] Pelosi has tried to quote scripture on the pretext of sending another $ 40 billion

I really want this to happen.

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I really hope that this old fashioned political pruning will be destroyed by lightning whenever they lie… it will really make our lives a lot easier, won’t it?

I guess thinking is important … it’s a beautiful sight, anyway.

But while Pelosi is not isolated by lightning, I would like to point out the heinous lies that are spreading.

More news: [VIDEO] Curry Lake released “Operation 2000 Mules” after news outlets refused to talk about the movie.

In this clip Pelosi sounds like we are sending to Ukraine all these billions “to feed the hungry”.

Give me a break, you?

If you really believe this nonsense, you’re probably reading it from inside your house, quadruple-waxed, wearing a mask, holding your faux bubblehead.

No one in the half-brain believes that Hui, even Nancy knows that it is a hard pill to swallow, which is why he throws it at the end of the scripture.

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I saw a comment on this from the well-respected Polstar Richard Barris and I had to share it with you because he got it right.

Here’s what Richard Dr.:

Funny, but more importantly, his claim was nonsense. We are not sending “food for the world” or even food for Ukrainians. The lion’s share of this 40 billion will go into the pockets of Adam Schiff’s arms dealers. If only the Americans knew.

That’s right.

Money will not feed the hungry soul, for crying out loud, are you kidding me? Leaving plenty for politicians and their families and friends, it is being whitewashed and going directly into the pockets of the military-industrial complex.

And what’s even more annoying is that they will lie, and send our hard-working tax dollars abroad for their own pockets, when mothers back home can’t even get a baby formula, and middle-class families can’t freak out. Chicken run.

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Here’s what people are saying online:

“It’s ridiculous how people attack religion but use it to make people look religious and caring. If politicians truly believe in this scripture, we will not have the problem of homelessness. “

“And Matthew said, ‘Give me your money … so I can redistribute it badly and keep some for myself.'”

“Go under the rabbit hole of all the homeless / hungry people in his own district. He has been responsible for decades … he is really disgusting … warning those who use scripture to lie to you in front of your eyes …”

“To drag the United States into WWIII, to boot”

“Satan can also quote scriptures.”

“This horrible fossil has to go.”

Think about it – after finishing your life with this covid BS you had to ask these monsters to send 1200 bucks, but they will run like the wind to send billions upon billions of aliens… and if it doesn’t bother you stop and you vote all these scumbags Determined to do, from both sides of the corridor, I seriously do not know what will happen …

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Yesterday, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, Jews around the world commemorated

On April 27, ceremonies were held around the world to commemorate those who died in death camps in Germany, Poland and other European countries during World War II. Flags were lowered, prayers were offered, the ashes of the dead were buried and tears were shed. From these observations, the Jews pledge to continue the fight against anti-Semitism and the threat to Israel’s survival as a Jewish homeland.

Since the election of Donald Trump and his defeat, the rise of white nationalist activity in mainstream conservative politics has reminded American Jews that Nazism survives in the United States as part of a base for Trump supporters. During the January 6 uprising, members of the Trump crowd, wearing T-shirts with anti-Semitic slogans, attacked the Capitol with hatred and levels of white supremacy, reminding them of Hitler’s reign of terror.

Why have white supremacists and Nazis become so bold since Trump became president? It all started when his basic principles were “If you are not white then Trump does not want you around”. The Muslim ban, the lockdown on the “Brown People” frontier, the Charlottesville Nazi March remarks, the “good people on both sides” and the insult to the Black Lives Matter movement were dog whistles that publicly encouraged anti-Semitism. Express hatred towards non-whites, non-Christians. American Jews have been gaslit in support of Trump’s Israel. He spoke in support of the Israeli government, but said that maintaining some independence was important for the White House. While he is respected by anti-Semitic groups and still maintains his support for his political goals, he has not condemned them with the same passion and frequency as President Biden.
The anti-Semitic party The Proud Boys and other white nationalist groups appeared in the Capitol Building for Trump on January 6. Many wore merchandise to celebrate the Holocaust and used violence to stop the peaceful transfer of power. During the uprising, Trump was seen by White House staff enjoying violence in his honor. He did not denounce the anti-Semitism displayed by many of his supporters. Trump’s hatred of immigrants and refugees is just one of many signs of his racism. The elimination of many non-white people from America has attracted the attention of groups whose main target of hatred is Jews. Obviously being anti-Semitic would ruin the careers of any US politician. However, Trump is skilled at secret bigotry and does not seem to be bothered by violent crimes against Jews. Silence in the midst of injustice shows tolerance towards it.
America will reject the white nationalist ideology in the medium term because they have defeated Donald Trump without re-election. The light of bigotry will shine in the politics propagated like cancer by the Jews through the Republican Party.

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No more than 25% of electric car charging stations in Bluest City, USA

America is not ready for the “electric car boom” that Biden and his climate nut administrator are trying to put pressure on all of us with the price of this insane gas.

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Anyone knows that if you want to flip millions of people into an electric car you will need your infrastructure to back it up or it will be a complete and utterly chaotic disaster.

But does Tim Biden think that?


Its administrators consist of hysterical and neurotic millennia and confused aging, seemingly none of these, and they make their bad decisions accordingly.

The U.S. is not even close to building or even “discovering” support and infrastructure to keep the country flowing on electric vehicles … In fact, it’s so bad that even 25% of electric charging stations in San Francisco, America’s blueest city, don’t work.

More news: If Mitch thinks he’s going to be the Senate leader, what he said sealed his fate … he must go

The Western Journal reports that Joe Biden and his administration tried to convince Americans that electric vehicles would solve all our problems, but a new study found that a left-wing city was largely unprepared for a complete change to electric vehicles.

According to Fox Business, the study was led by David Rempel, a bioengineering professor working with volunteers at the nonprofit Cool the Earth, a retired Berkeley student at the University of California. It happened between 12 February and 7 March

Researchers have cited multiple complaints from electric vehicle owners about charging stations in the area as inspiration for the study. It evaluated 657 electric vehicle charging plugs in 181 public stations in nine counties around the deep-blue, Democrat-populated San Francisco Bay Area.

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President Joe Biden and his administration have tried to convince Americans that electric vehicles will solve all our problems, but a new study has found that a left-wing city was largely unprepared for a complete change to electric vehicles.

According to Fox Business, the study was led by David Rempel, a bioengineering professor working with volunteers at the nonprofit Cool the Earth, a retired Berkeley student at the University of California. It happened between 12 February and 7 March

Researchers have cited multiple complaints from electric vehicle owners about charging stations in the area as inspiration for the study. It evaluated 657 electric vehicle charging plugs in 181 public stations in nine counties around the deep-blue, Democrat-populated San Francisco Bay Area.

Among the problems researchers have found in non-functional chargers are system electrical failures, blank or responsive screens, and payment system failures.

Can you imagine how bad this would be for the rest of America?

Even if they can’t charge the stations in San Francisco, how on earth would anyone in rural Wisconsin drive 45 miles one way to work if he had to get charged on the way to work or on the way home?

Of course, leftists want to push it, because they have a lot of friends and donors in the “green job” industry and they are dying to make them rich …

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Americans sacrifice their lives and limbs to help greedy cosmopolitans become richer. Now is the time to put the real needs of real Americans above the elites.

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The Passion Republican show for personal freedom is a cover-up for them

This fact clearly shows the hypocrisy of the Republicans in defending freedom of speech and their support for white nationalism. The nature of the anger and opposition of GOP politicians on issues affecting non-white Americans is contrary to the American view of freedom and equality.
Republican voters, especially Trump supporters, shout about being dumb and naive, but why else would anyone support and believe in hypocritical politics? Isn’t the support of one leader over one ideology and all others dictatorial? The current Republican Party is collapsing because its attempts to censor the opinions of others who are not aligned with them will fail in court. The majority of Americans will not allow this hypocritical, unconstitutional, anti-independence, Christian-extremist political ideology to take over our democracy.
The philosophy of electoral freedom based on religion or political ideology is not democracy. Proponents of the alt-right version of Republicanism must acknowledge that they support dictatorship as long as their party does not lead it. Republican religious extremists believe that their interpretation of Christianity’s position at the beginning of life allows women to be deprived of their basic right to make decisions about their reproductive rights without government intervention.
Like Melania Trump, Republican Bobby Jindal is hypocritical about immigration. Both they and their families have benefited from U.S. immigration law, yet they want to deny asylum seekers a way of living or citizenship. These two hypocrites are the symbol of aristocracy. Another hypocritical position Republicans have on immigration is that they apply more positive narratives and liberal laws to immigrants from white countries versus brown countries. Remember Trump’s remarks after referring to African countries as “relaxed” that the United States should have more immigrants from Scandinavian countries.

“It’s okay to pray as long as you pray.” Part of this opinion was published in the Halfpost in 2016 and exposed the inherent hypocrisy of this group of Americans. The evangelism of Christian Americans and other sections oppose the basic teachings of Jesus. The words they use in the name of Jesus do not match their deeds. The article points out conflicts such as:

  • They support the importance of family values, yet they support Donald Trump’s candidate, Roy Moore, who has been accused of victimizing 14-year-old girls.
  • 72% of evangelicals say immoral leaders can still lead morally unless they abstain, anti-LGBTQ and anti-abortion.
  • They ignore Donald Trump’s adultery, credible allegations of sexual harassment, and his “grasping of women by pussy” attitude.
  • Jesus spoke of helping the poor, the disabled, and the afflicted. Republican Christian extremists support millionaire politicians who practice bigotry, oppose social programs that help the underprivileged
  • Christians speak of compassion and “love your neighbor” when they support the brutal politics of immigrants

For Christian extremists to realize that their values, lifestyles and freedoms mean nothing to Trump, our government may have to take full Republican possession. The MAGA movement used them to gain power, not to promote Jesus-based America. Being an extremist believer in any ideology leads to the stupidity of the society. If Christians read the Constitution, they will know that America is not a Christian country, the separation of church and state has been created in our government and “all people are created equal.” If you love Trump’s “America First” slogan so much, follow the Constitution. Hypocrisy is degrading the church and will ultimately reduce its value and impact. The wonderful religion that Trump could have given to society is coming to an end. The end of cult leaders is not good, and neither are their teachings and followers.

A hypocritical politician who uses religion-based politics to deceive Christians for their votes.

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America unloads on quadruple-waxed Bill Gates when he announces he’s got Covid

Out of all the shock, another quadruple-waxed person was caught on COVID, and felt the need to tell us about it, and then thanks to the vaccine for not working and for claiming how “mild” their symptoms were.

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It was none other than Bill Gates.

Again, I would like to remind everyone that almost everyone infected with Kovid has “mild” symptoms regardless of wax status, so its survival rate is 99.8.

Looks like all the elite got a script to follow, right?

Well, if Bill was looking for some love and sympathy from the American people, he was really disappointed – obviously very few people like Bill Gates.

Here is what he said in a tweet:

I tested positive for COVID. I am experiencing mild symptoms and I am isolated following the advice of experts until I recover.

I am fortunate that I have been vaccinated and raised and have access to testing and great medical services.

The Gates Foundation is coming together today for the first time in two years, and I am fortunate to be able to see everyone on the team and thank them for their hard work.

We will continue to work with partners and do our best to ensure that none of us have to deal with the epidemic again.

More news: [VIDEO] Biden says he will speak “easy” for “uninhabited” Americans who do not approve of managing his inflation

However, no one will be able to reply directly to his tweet.

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But don’t worry, America still listens to their voices and Bill sees every comment:

“Maybe try to exercise? If you have Man Boobs ID, pizza separation and eating is your best bet.”

“But you’ll never get well Bill, you’re sick!

“I don’t give a shit. Do you think I or anyone cares?”

“Why did you stop answering, coward?”

“Your vaccine protects your bad operating system as well.”

“You’ll always be sick, Bill, so it’s always better to be isolated.”

“Tell people you got Kovid? Nobody cares, friend. ”

“58MM followers and nobody cares a bit about what you came up with. Stop pushing your bad vaccine that doesn’t work. You live, you lose. “

“The billionaire eugenicist who believes in population control and the end of personal freedom gets Kovid. Hope something good. ”

“Hope you burn in hell, a ** hole”

“Caution Bill! Covid is deadly for older mammals ”

“Bill Gates is insane and should not be trusted to do anything with drugs.”

“I’m glad to be vaxxed and excited! Get your boosters too, kids! It’s working great! Don’t forget to punch your punch card, at number ten you’ll get two chilidogs from Sonic!”

“What a miserable coward you are, those Billgates. Disabling comments. But we have no doubt that you are getting the best care. Much like your child is getting the best education. Others have shortcomings. Because of your policy. “

“You made a mistake in giving us shots.”

“Why don’t you get permanently separated, Billy?”

“You should quarantine forever, lose.”

“Jobs isn’t working, Billy Boy.”

And comments like that continue. About 500 1,500 of them.

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My guess is that Bill Gates is fully aware that the Americans dislike him and his horrible dark art “science”, but he is an elite narcissist who has to get involved anyway.

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The right to abortion is in life support and more freedom will be lost

Donald Trump’s brutal, racist, authoritarian ideology has transformed the Supreme Court into a political, Christian-based judiciary that no longer protects individual liberty. If youA voter who supports the legal damage to freedom that you do not care about will come at a time when the freedom you think about will be taken away. The decision by the Supreme Court to overturn the laws enacted by the court as a pre-determined law is now the beginning of the loss of much of the freedom that the Constitution grants to the American people.

Will Alito vote to limit a person’s right to have a vasectomy?

The Republican Party has been hit hard by the prospect of winning a majority in the House and Senate in November. About 65% of the American people support women’s right to reproductive freedom. The right to abortion has been in law for 49 years, and yet the Supreme Court is signaling its intention to take away this constitutionally protected right because it is the right-wing, Trump judge. The court has lost credibility. It is now seen as a joke, a political hand of Donald Trump and evangelists. Their views will be largely resisted by Americans and will deter those who believe in individual freedom. Floodgates are now open to repeal same-sex marriage, the right to contraception, and other liberties that the Republican Party’s alt-right opposes. Democracy is slowly dying, while Republicans are gaslighting it to convince selectors that they are the guardians of democracy.

The Americans have never taken away their constitutional rights. Remember, it is the Republican Party that is starting the movement to remove an individual’s freedom from the Constitution While Democrats hold a majority in the Supreme Court, Republicans who love their guns can go to jail for carrying firearms. How does that sound, trumpers?

Republicans are committed to limiting the rights of women, blacks, blacks, the LGBTQ community, and any non-Christian Americans. The big Republicans lie that they favor small governments. The current GOP at both the federal and state levels is constitutionally censored by the non-conservative press, the content of educational materials in schools, and the right to protest peacefully in favor of attacking peaceful protesters who are protected by the Constitution. It is not democracy.
The The founding fathers saw the importance of the separation of church and state in a democracy. If the people in power make laws based on the Bible, then the basic tenants of the constitution will be kept to a minimum. America is a country founded on immigration, equality and diversity for all. The laws written in the constitution were not based on Christianity. They were What is the definition of democracy based on?

Democrats of all religions, ages, races, genders and sexual orientations must start a strong resistance against racist, anti-social, alt-right attacks on the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. President Biden must base all of his responses on the court’s plan to overturn Rowe v. Wade on the law, the humanitarian key, and the power available to a president to defend a set law that determines whether a woman should have an abortion or miscarriage. Protects rights. No. Cruelty is baked into extreme Christian orthodoxy. Religion has become inhumane and embarrassing at the core of Christian teaching. Pregnancy as a result of rape or incest will not be an exception. The cruelty and hypocrisy of evangelical and other MAGA Christians grows like cancer. Americans will not comply with the legal atrocities of this Supreme Court if it is passed, so the judges are becoming lifelong lame ducks.

Another authoritarian Republican whom Americans know is a sociopathic, misogynistic racist. His days in power are limited. Mickey Mouse will take him down.

Published by rebeccasperber

[VIDEO] Sen. Hawley responded to Biden by saying that the strength of our nation is “inflation.”

Joe Biden is an old man. We all know it, we see it every day, I’m tired of saying it, and I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it. But the last thing we can do is let it be “normal” and stop reporting on it.

That’s what they’re hoping for.

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We will not.

We will call all of his mistakes and amnesia moments, no matter how unnecessary, because they have installed a person with “Alzheimer’s” in the White House so that they can control him like a puppet and ruin our lives in the process and we win them or others. Don’t let anyone forget.

More news: [VIDEO] Biden says he will speak “easy” for “uninhabited” Americans who do not approve of managing his inflation

And it seems to be working – we see at least some movement from Republicans who are now reacting to Joe’s mental illness, like Josh Howley, when Joe Biden claimed that our country’s power is in fact “inflated.”

Yes, during another catastrophic pressure, full of insults, confusion and misinformation, Biden claimed that we as a nation have strong thanks for inflation.

Absolutely stupid.

Josh tweeted only two words about it, but that’s okay… he made his point with “my righteousness.”

Yes, “my righteousness” really.

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This person has tapioca pudding for the brain.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Yeah corn pop has no idea what else he’s talking about.”

I’ve struggled with English as a second language… but I swear this guy is morally, intellectually, and physically unfit to serve! #FJB

“25th Amendment !!!”

# Fascinated Joe Today the economy has stumbled through his teleprompter speeches. You could say he didn’t write a word of it. # Biden Is # Aging And # Ineligible And blames everyone else for it # Failed Policy. Biden has been on his knees before # The Squad On # People of America

“OMG, please get him back in the basement!”

Looks like he’s not getting enough baby formula to work normally himself! #FJB # Come on Gobrandon

“What is this dementia patient saying?”

Well, this guy had nothing but problems in his best days, one after the other. Now, with the obviously declining faculties, he’s not only too smart, he’s literally dangerous! #DemocratsRadSuster # Impichbiden

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I mean, Biden is right – his strength is inflation, it’s really the only thing he’s actually “built back” on.

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Donald Trump has made it normal to ignore and violate the Constitution, so the rules

Why does the Supreme Court have the ultimate power, no accountability for lack of honesty, be able to lie, break legal precedents and then expect to show respect? Why should right-wing extremist judges be politically biased, who should unethically decide on the laws and rights of a racist, authoritarian former president who represents the ideology of one-third of Americans? Why would anyone follow a law that discriminates, kills or insults other people? The biblical culture of the Republican Party is entering our government dangerously. The Supreme Court should highlight the corruptions and features of the MAGA movement Vote against lifelong appointment 7 It is ancient and dangerous and divided.

The laws that Donald Trump has broken Corrupt And dangerous for democracy. The judges he has chosen know that he is a criminal and yet they appear to be in the MAGA, which means most Americans should. Reject its credibility The court. What would Republicans do if Obama violated this law:

Republicans have broken their allegiance to the Constitution in order to maintain the goodwill of law-breaker Donald Trump. If politicians can break the law, they cannot expect their constituency to follow the law passed by any court in our judiciary.
  • 18 US Code § 872: “Extortion by U.S. officials or employees“(He tried to persuade the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Bid).
  • 2 US Code § 192, “Refusal of witnesses to testify or present papers”(Refusal to cooperate with Subponas).
  • 18 US Code § 610: “Coercion in political activities“(Attempts to force Ukrainian diplomat Bill Taylor to take part in political activities.)
  • 18 U.S. Code § 595, when a person uses his or her official authority to interfere with or influence the nomination or election of a candidate for the presidency. “
  • 18 US Code § 607, “Place of request”(Tried to contribute to his political campaign from the Oval Office).
  • 52 US code § 30121, “Contributions and grants by foreign nationals“(Basically, it is illegal to ask for grants from foreign nationals from anywhere).
  • The congressional hearing about that were exactly where the election came from. (Evidence has been collected by the committee on January 7 about the coup).
  • Spreading false information about the election results violates the Washington DC General Fraud Act
  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller lied under oath in a written statement.
  • Violation of the foreign allowance clause located in Article I, Article 9, Article 8 of the Constitution (having profit, gain or benefit from foreign power).
Since the beginning of his presidency, Trump has told thousands of proven lies and successfully spread Russian-style propaganda to enlighten the ignorant, uneducated, racist, evangelical, greedy Americans. The end of cult leaders is not good, so the days of his glory are numbered.

The response to the anti-abortion draft, written by Justice Samuel Alito, could signal the end of credibility for the Supreme Court. How can Americans respect a judge appointed by a traitorous president? Not the majority of us. Read the draft. Alito is a scary, cruel man. Alito quotes Sir Matthew Hale, a 17th-century English jurist who executed two women for “witchcraft” and wrote in defense of marital rape. Sorry old Alito, but what you think about abortion is irrelevant to women.

Published by rebeccasperber

Biden admin focuses on easing Trump sanctions on China to reduce consumer spending

Joe Biden said Tuesday that in an effort to reduce consumer prices, he could end some of the tariffs imposed on China by outgoing President Donald Trump.

During his address to the nation from the White House, Biden said, “I am aware that families across the United States are suffering from inflation.” “I want every American to know that inflation is my highest internal responsibility and I take it very seriously.”

In response to a reporter’s question, Biden said he was debating the Trump administration’s decision to remove tariffs on China, but added that he believed tariffs were “necessary.” We are considering what will be the best effect. “

Trump has imposed a number of financial sanctions on China, pushing up prices of consumer goods such as furniture and clothing. CNBC writes that analysts are divided over whether reducing the tariffs will increase inflation, but removing tariffs is one of the few options the White House wants to reduce prices.

“The primary cause of inflation is a century of epidemics,” Biden said. Not only has it shut down the world economy, it has completely eroded the supply chain and demand. In addition, he said, “and this year we have a second reason: Putin’s war in Ukraine.”

Asked if he was responsible for the rising costs, Biden said, “No.” “All three hands of the government are under our control,” he said. In fact, we don’t. “

Additionally, he argued that the slim congressional majority of Democrats makes it difficult to draft budget bills. Biden told reporters he could not predict when costs would begin to fall.

“It depends on who the economists you are talking to – by the end of this year, and others think it will climb next year,” he explained. “Others, however, believe it will decline towards the end of the year, towards the end of the calendar year. I don’t know, but I’m aware of what we need to do to make sure we can bring it down. “

If Biden finally removes tariffs on China, he will surely face questions about his son Hunter’s alleged relationship with Beijing and the appearance of a conflict of interest.

According to a recent report by the Washington Examiner, Hunter Biden, who objected to the sale of his father’s influence and access during his tenure as Vice President under President Obama, was listed as the owner of a Chinese government-linked Linked Investment firm about four months later. Said he had divided.

Investigators said business records from China’s National Credit Information Publication System revealed that an LLC, Scanetals, a BHR partner who was wholly owned by Biden, had a 10% shareholder.

As the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden guaranteed that no member of his family would have financial ties to a foreign company or nation.

As president-elect in December 2020, Joe Biden stated that his family would “not engage in any business, enterprise that shows conflict or conflict with an acceptable distance from office and government.”

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