Orange is roasted for posting this very staged “worried-looking” picture

The best thing to do in the case of Dames is to reverse Rowe vs. Wade since the Covid “epidemic”.

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Let’s face it, after they cheated President Trump out of the White House, there was nothing left to build their base.

Now, they can finally raise funds again, send hockey tweets, and get their zombie base to get rid of Rowe.

They love it and they want more, more, more.

So, whatever opportunity they get to put fuel on the fire, they will.

And Kamala Harris got on the plate with this ridiculous “worried” photo op that was taken in Air Force Two.

We believe it was some random / candid shot of Kamala who looked at the TV as if she was ready to cry.

More news: See: Young Lady added the average American “evolution of abortion” perfectly … bet most people feel that way

Give us a break… no one is buying this nonsense.

Here is what Kamala said in her tweet: “I know there are women out there who are scared. To those of you who are alone and afraid: I want you to know the President and I am fighting for you and your rights. We are in this fight together. ”


One thing we can all agree on, left and right, was that this picture was a bad idea.

Here’s what people online had to say:

“Why does his face look like that? How careful is he supposed to tell us this? Dumb.”

“I am watching TV from a private plane. He is with it, and is fighting climate change. “

“I know well the curse doesn’t have to shit your hoidy toidy out of touch ass. You’re literally on a private jet, you’re not fighting for us. “

“You’re not fighting for shit! You both hate America and sit back and watch it be destroyed!”

“This photo looks very funny PR and fake”

“You are on a private plane and can fly anywhere in the world to get any process you or your family will need. You can do anything to prevent it. We are not in this fight together. ”

“Make sure you’ve got my side”

“What’s the fight?” States now have the right to allow or not to allow abortions. The only thing you’ve lost is the ability to fund abortions at the federal level. “

“I see your pain on the screen in my private jet, so there’s no one more * fighting * than me.”

“And you can garner Dam. He will be just as effective in this” fight “as he was in tackling the border crisis.”

“You’re a clown.”

“Many of our problems will be solved if more of our leaders watch TV from private planes.”

“This woman is watching TV like her on RAW on Monday night”

“Cold. So what’s the game plan? Be specific. Or is it a covered” thought and prayer “scenario?”

“It’s not clear if this is worse than the AOC on-stage photoshoot at the detention center.”

“You had plenty of time to make the right to abortion a permanent thing. You failed. The right to abortion is not in the constitution. They should have been kept there. “

“I’m proud to be in this fight too (watching television)”

“I voted for these idiots and I feel really stupid now.”

Such ugly political tactics no longer work.

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It’s not the 90s. It’s 2022, and people will see it through this old-fashioned “political BS”.

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