Oops! David Hogg accidentally promotes MAGA in a new tweet and mocks LOL

David Hogg isn’t the brightest man in the world … he’s actually a big dummy, and he’s going to Harvard … not because he’s smart, but because he’s a professional actor, oops, I’m a worker.

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We haven’t really heard that much from Hog Beast in a while. She is lying down.

But just in case, whenever there is a school shooting, David Hogg goes wild.

So, he’s back and talking nonsense about his gun control … Hugh Marjorie Stoneman was in Douglas High School when Nicholas Cruz fired. He wasn’t close to the actual shooting, but he was on campus, so he’s a gun expert, apparently.

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But David is out of practice, and suffering from his online activism.

Instead of making a big, dramatic “gun control” point, the Hog Beast accidentally pushed the MAGA agenda.

Looks like David Hogg is finally ready to build that wall !!

Here is what he said online: “Non-Americans should not come here unless our country does something about gun protection. Your kids are not safe here and neither are you. Please request that your government issue a travel advisory for your citizens stating that it is not safe for citizens to travel to the United States. “

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And believe me, everyone pointed to David’s new MAGA agenda:

“Great point. Time to build a wall – to protect others from this country.”

“David Hogg is advocating for a wall. Progress! ”

“Oh, I agree. Tell the other countries to stay away from it. Whoever gets the job. Tell them as far as I know we are all cannibals.”

“This was the first good idea of ​​POS.”

“Well sh * t. A minor error in the matrix. I agree with David Hogg!

“Was he just in favor of border control?”

“The hot hog with Xenophobic takes over today.”

“David Hogg tends to be self-centered.”

“It’s time to build a wall to protect the world from the US”

“David will get a call from Joe Biden telling him that” STFU is going against you or planning to destroy America !!!! “

“To protect immigrants from American guns, Biden must build a wall of compassion on our southern border.”

“Here is a bold anti-immigration stance. Alas. “

“Breaking: David Hogg wants a stay on illegal immigration”

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David Hogg doesn’t realize that most of the violence in this country is happening in liberal-driven cities like Chicago, which, by the way, has strict gun control.

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