One Damming New Photo Reveals How Out Of Touch These GOP “Sellout Lodgers”

I like to think of myself as a sympathetic person. I do what I can to help people and animals, and I hate to hurt anyone.

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And while I know that so much suffering and horror is happening around the world, I firmly believe that you can’t help someone else clean their house if your own home is a mess.

So, while I am sympathetic to the innocent people of Ukraine who are suffering, I am more sympathetic to the Americans who are suffering under this Godfarsken infernal Biden admin who is occupying the White House at the moment.

I believe that securing my country’s borders is more important for my security, the safety of my family and the security of my neighbors than Ukraine.

The borders of my country have had far more impact on me and my life than the borders of Ukraine. And I also believe that Ukraine is surrounded by many countries that can lend a helping hand to their neighbors, while the United States focuses on those who owe them eyeballs, and whose people are struggling to do so on a weekly basis. And growing list.

This is the message about the MAGA / America First movement.

And we all knew that after they removed Trump from office, agencies on both sides would “whip” a war. And now, here we are. It took barely a year for the military-industrial complex to catch fire again.

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And this so-called “war” is very strange, isn’t it?

To many, it feels like a “green screen” war, with a stage hero and a villain … Of course there is a lot of publicity on both sides, but the Ukrainian side is just flooded with things, where you can’t even tell which is real and which is not. .

And the flow of money – billions upon billions of Americans in Ukraine question what is really happening.

So it is understandable that most MAGA bases want the GOP to focus on the country’s problems, not abroad.

Why aren’t these Republicans treating the defendants like political prisoners in a communist country on January 6th?

Why wouldn’t they stand with moms and dads who can’t find Gulf sources?

Why aren’t they standing shoulder to shoulder with the Americans who can’t put decent food on their tables in Biden’s America?

Why are they sending our hard-earned tax dollars to strangers, (supposedly) to help their people and secure their borders, when so many of us are suffering and being ignored?

And where is all that money really going?

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The popular pro-Trump Twitter account “Cattard” tweeted the image, saying: “While millions of Americans are affected, the Republican Party’s sold-out losers are the ones who care the most.”

Here is a closeup of the photo:


Here’s what people had to say online:

“They no longer try to cover up their corruption. Looks like they’re proud of it and want to show off. I’m tired of the two-tier legal system. “

“Great use of English language for this film. Yes, Infinite Agree; ‘Sellout Loser’ stars and on display!

“Most of our money has been spent by these clowns on another photo-op. Please vote for them. Take enough care to inform and stop stop stop !!! Vote for something, but the line in your pocket, Rhinos. “

“Did they actually take a picture with the Brinks driver?”

“WTF is going with us to go to war-torn country for these fools ?????? Something totally weird ?????”

“Absolutely agree. This is a waste at the moment. Those of us who do not work for the government are dying of inflation. Fight for us in the United States.”

“Can we cancel their return ticket?”

“Those who visit” get cash “

“If this war zone is so bad and so dangerous why it seems to be a political PR photo-op booth and tourist destination?”

“If only Raytheon made baby formula …”

Mitch McConnell recently said that what is happening in Ukraine is the most important thing in the world.

Can you trust this guy?


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The most important thing for Americans is to restore electoral integrity so that we can get rid of the losers like Mitch and Joe and the rest of the globalist Establishment regime and their terrible policies kill the middle class again.

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