Okay, we now know the “mastermind” behind the new insane plan to raise Biden’s poll.

Say it with me, and say it really loud for the liberals behind you who can’t see or hear anything in life:

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“Joe Biden looks and sounds like he has to be in an old age home and that’s why his vote sucked.”

I know leftists and media hackers desperately want to pretend that Joe Biden doesn’t look and sound like he has a ragging case of Alzheimer’s, but he does, and pretending that it doesn’t exist is actually making things worse.

A new Politico report explains how Biden is now “crazy” for his low approval.

Apparently, he was outraged at the belief that he was inferior to President Trump … and this was quite an achievement because the left-leaning media polls were rigged against President Trump, and the fake news media pushed a false Russia deception and attacked Trump. 24/7.

The president expressed frustration that his vote count had fallen below that of Donald Trump, whom Biden regularly referred to as the “worst president in history” and an existential threat to the country’s democracy.

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Meanwhile, Biden is being treated with kid gloves and asked about the taste of his favorite ice cream and everyone in the media is running a cover for him, because they all have TDS and they voted for Slow Jock.

So, yeah, it’s pretty noticeable that the same left-leaning polls have biden polls under President Trump when you consider all the other things.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

So, Biden is apparently “spitting fire” about this, even after he tells us all that he doesn’t pay attention to the vote … I think that’s another lie.

Biden can’t do anything right, and when I realize he’s not the guy who’s calling all the shots, he’s still the ‘face’ of this gang show, and what a messy face it is.

According to a White House staffer and a Democrat, much more prone to behind-the-scenes salty language than popularly known, Biden also recently exploded out of loopholes about the horrors of the infant formula shortage that engulfed parts of the country. Knowledge of conversation. She expressed her frustration with multiple phone calls to friends, her heartbreaking allegations only coming through news coverage that young mothers were crying for fear they would not be able to feed their babies.

Biden did not want to be drawn too slowly to work on a problem that affects working-class people with whom he is closely associated. Therefore, when the helpers called a meeting with the executives of the formula company, the president – against the advice of the workers – publicly announced that it took a few weeks for the details of the deficit to reach him, even though the whistleblower complaint shut down a large manufacturing facility. Was issued months ago. Some aides feared that the moment Biden appeared out of touch, especially after CEOs made it clear at the same meeting that the lack of caution had been known for some time.

The man can’t speak. He stumbles, stumbles, and forgets everything along the way, and the American people see it every day.

His “gaffs” are no longer beautiful.

They are actually a national security risk… and you actually are See Biden? He’s talking like he’s going through 1000 pounds of mud, and he looks like he’s 123 years old.

This is the weakest, most fragile looking person of all time.

He reminds most Americans of every confused, old friend or relative they’ve ever had… and it’s unbelievably annoying.

Would you allow Joe Biden to babysit your children? If you say “yes” then your head needs to be examined.

So, what is the handler’s solution to fix this mess?

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Well, they’re going to put Mr. Magu more there and tell him to “talk” (using the word algali) to the American people, as only he can.

I swear, these people still think it’s 1992, and Joe is in his “prime” bush * ting mode.

The plan is to take Biden on the road to highlight the progress being made to complete the Test series, even increasingly, with a tour of California this week, where he will chair a summit in New Mexico alongside allies in the Western Hemisphere. Push for its climate agenda. The administration will also put away its reluctance to work with the “one Parisian” nation in the hope of encouraging oil production. And it plans to sharpen attacks on Republicans, aiming to keep the GOP out of contact with mainstream America on issues such as gun safety and abortion, all in the hopes that the forthcoming Jan. 6 congressional hearing will paint the party even more extremist. And returning to power is dangerous.

But the biggest question is, who in the world is making this decision? Which handlers actually believe that the American people need to see more of Joe Biden?

We will.

Members of Biden’s inner circle, including First Lady Jill Biden and the president’s sister Valerie Biden Owens, have complained that West Wing staff managed Biden with kid gloves, not putting him on the street or letting him flash his true selves, albeit a gaff-prone self. A person close to the president pressed for more “let Biden be biden” moments, with the president himself complaining that he could not communicate well enough with voters. The White House has raised concerns about security and cowardice in restricting the 79-year-old president’s travels.

Okay, so now we know, it’s Joe’s crazy sister Valerie, who was his publicity manager when horses and buggies were still a thing, and his fake “doctor” wife who’s calling shots here and wanting to get Joe back on the road.

It really explains everything … it made this whole circus in the perfect sense.

In addition to Joe Biden having breakfast and oatmeal for the brain, another major problem for his administrator is that it is driven by two factors:

  1. Hysterical and neurotic millennia
  2. Political female dinosaurs like Valerie and Jill Biden

This is a complete and utter catastrophe… and Biden, like the entire Democrat Party, has nothing in common with the working class.

Dames is now pushing the white liberal elite, the “Green New Garbage” agenda, which only wealthy progressives can afford.

For me, I hope Val and Jill get through and get Joe out of a lot more, because there’s nothing more pleasing to me than seeing this Buffon scatter his way across the country, reminding Americans of what a disaster he is. , Just a few months before the interim period.

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Please do that, Valerie and Jill … please.

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