Officials have changed a major “story” in the Uvalade school shooting

Shortly after the 18-year-old monster shot at Rob Elementary, a story emerged claiming that a teacher had opened the back door with a rock and thus entered the school with a gun.

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Many in the world were wondering, why on earth would a teacher break such security and leave the door open?

Well, it turns out that the teacher didn’t actually do that, according to a new report.

NPR reports that Texas officials said a teacher opened a door at Rob Elementary in Uvalade just before the gunman entered and fired a shot – but they now admit that the woman closed the door after the teacher’s attorney spoke.

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This is the latest change in narrative that has continued to change since last Tuesday – a remarkable process that has seen officials repeatedly revise previous statements, after they have been challenged by new information.

The most detailed official timeline for the shooting emerged Friday when Texas Department of Public Safety director Steven McCrae told reporters that the gunman entered Rob Elementary through a back door that a teacher had left open. Moments ago, he said, the teacher was using the door to get her cellphone.

But that version of the incident was clarified on Tuesday. The teacher’s lawyer told the San Antonio Express-News that the teacher kicked a stone away from the push-bar door and closed it, realizing the danger of the situation. He thought it would be locked automatically – but it didn’t, his lawyer said.

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Here is what the teacher said:

Attorney Don Flannery told Express-News that the teacher, whose name has not been released, used a rock to open the door as he left the building to bring food to the school from the parking lot just before lunch last Tuesday. He then saw Salvador Ramos wreck his truck in a ditch near the school, Flannery said, and went inside to get his phone and call 911.

The teacher was on the phone with the emergency services when he came out of school again and faced a frightening change in the situation, as the truck driver approached the school with a rifle.

“He saw her jump off the fence, and he had a gun, so he went back inside,” Flannery said. “When he returned, he kicked the stone. He remembers closing the door and telling 911 that he was shooting. He thought the door would be locked because that door would always be locked.

So, now it turns out that the door was just open. It didn’t “lock” when closed, as the teacher thought.

Has that door always been unlocked, and everyone thought it was locked?

Police officials confirmed the incident was true.

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Strange that the police did not correct the wrong story when it first came out.

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