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The current Republican Party has made it normal to lie to retain power. Their electorate has a base that they have been deceived and radicalized by corrupt, chaotic Donald Trump and other complex power hungry Republicans like Senators Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Lindsay Graham and Republican Kevin McCarthy. A treacherous level of lies is being uncovered through the 6th Committee hearing of all Republican witnesses, including the Trump attorney, members of the Trump family and former allies of the Trump administration. Evidence is not based on what anti-Trump people have heard or heard. Witnesses are Trump’s former allies and staunch conservatives who are proving with evidence that Trump, a member of Congress, and rogue, corrupt Republican attorneys tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Why isn’t there a reason for political lies to be removed from office by the judiciary? Lying affects the opinion of the voters and this fact undermines the integrity of the results of the democratic election process.

Democrats try to fight by the rules. They are worried about losing their integrity in the eyes of the public. They are very concerned about being seen as bad, vindictive, aggressive or biased. These concerns are commendable, but they reduce the likelihood of victory against ruthless, dishonest, corrupt Republican opponents. Democrats must put aside concerns about image protection, bipartisanship, and the failed notion of “when they go low, we go high.” Going down seems to be a winning strategy for Trump and his party, and “going up” is not gaining the strength or attention needed to motivate Americans who hate our country’s unethical, best-of-breed direction.

In his analysis of the book “It’s Time to Fight Dirty”, Dr. John Messerley explains the “prisoner hesitation theory” which means in common parlance, “If your opponent plays dirty and you play nice, you will become a steamroll, you will suck one.” In that case, you have no choice but to fight the fire with the fire, or you will dominate. ” In his 2018 book, David Faris suggests that Democrats could take bold action if they win the 2020 presidential election and are under the control of Congress. Without the need for a new constitutional amendment, the book suggests that Democrats can:

  • Cancel Philibuster so that any bill can pass in the Senate with 50 votes and a whip
  • Make DC a state, which will add two black Democratic senators to the Senate
  • Make Puerto Rico a state, which will add two Latino Democrats to the Senate
  • Divide California into multiple states to add more Democrats to the Senate
  • Extend the Supreme Court to 11 (or more) judges and appoint a 40-year-old president

They can then reform the franchise:

  • 2-week early voting is required daily from 6am to 10pm
  • Validate pre-registration of 17 year olds across the country
  • Prohibit states from passing voter-ID laws or imposing other unconstitutional voting requirements
  • Intimidating voters is a federal crime
  • Make election day a national holiday for federal employees (and others)
  • Doubles the size of the House (and has multiple member districts with proportional representation)

Faris warned Democrats in 2018 that if they won the 2020 election, they would have to fight hard, be smart and be willing to bend or remove rules and regulations that undermine democracy. However, Democrats, especially President Biden, have refused to fight the Trump Republican Party’s corrupt, dishonest, violent agenda.

Democrats proudly resist naming. However, being “better” is a losing strategy with opponents who brand their opponents with extremely harmful lies and derogatory labels. We, mental health professionals, know that Trump has a pathologically weak ego. If people fight him on his lower-class terms, he can easily be pushed into a public mood of compensation. To protect their pride, Democrats can claim Trump’s bizarre physical appearance, adultery, history as a lifelong Democrat, bad grammar, draft-dodging, past relationship with his father before exposing him to the Ku Klux Klan. Trump has so little self-esteem that he had to refrain from reality and pretend he won. A president must lead with calm, honesty, intelligence and compassion. Based on these criteria, it is a joke on America that he was ever the American president.

Donald Trump’s violent, dark, chaotic character threatens the lives of Americans. His malignant narcissism is spreading like terminal cancer through the Republican Party. People are dying because of Trump’s toxic existence, and careers are being destroyed. During the Covid-19 epidemic, Trump compromised with American public health by lying about the dangers posed by the virus. He broke the epidemic prevention playbook set up by the Obama administration, discouraged wearing masks, promoted fake therapeutics and disrespected epidemic medical professionals and promoted his cowardly support to the medical team.

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