No, the July 4 “Highland Park Shooter” was not a Trump supporter … his friend

Another mentally insane young man opened fire on a parade crowd on July 4, killing six and injuring dozens.

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The horrific incident happened in Highland Park, Illinois.


Almost immediately, the left began blaming the right, claiming that the shooter was a Trump supporter.

They dug around on his social media and found this picture of him at a Trump rally.

This picture of a gunman at a Trump rally has fooled many on the left.

They don’t understand who the “Waldo” character is, and the young man is actually making fun of Trump supporters.

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Independent journalist Mike Cernovich mentioned in a tweet: “You can’t remember the very young ‘where is Waldo’. He’s making fun of Trump supporters. But can one or more people gauge the video from this day? Or if you know someone like that, please check. “

He has other pictures to ridicule Trump supporters and is “liking” many tweets in support of the J6 committee.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green shared this tweet and said:

“Now that we’ve cleared it, publish its history. That’s all. Drug history, prescription drug history, mental health history, school records, arrest records, how many times has he spoken to the LE or the FBI? Everything. Is everyone afraid to talk about side effects? “

But the shooter’s friend actually settled the argument once and for all.

He wrote multiple tweets that explained the shooter’s mindset.

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The friend explained that the shooter was not political at all. He was not a supporter of Trump and he was not of the leftist “Antifa” type.

He was really a confused, mentally deranged man, who had been suffering from mental and emotional illness for some time.

Here is what he said:




One of the most disturbing things we discovered about the shooter was that he was “known to law enforcement.”

Why keep this happening? These emotionally disturbed shooters are always “familiar” to law enforcement, yet they still shoot people.

Last hour?

WGNTV reported that Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, the suspect in the shooting of the Highland Park Parade on Monday, was taken into custody on Monday evening.

WGN Investigators saw the background of Crimo.

Cremo had an admirable poster online where he clearly went by the name “Avoid the Rapper”. Her videos predict her alleged violent actions. In one, he shows the drama of a school shooting. In another video, Crimeo is seen animating his own death in a clash with police.

His posting informed him of the operation to arrest him.

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rottering also confirmed to WGN Investigators that she had a connection to the suspect. He said his father failed to run for mayor in 2019 against him.

Investigators have just begun to gather the motives and methods of the killings.

Police said the 22-year-old suspect was “known to law enforcement.” A question that will be asked in the coming days: Were they aware of the violent videos that have been online for months?

The footage of the gunman being held by police is:

Independent journalist Pedro Gonzalez shared annoying pictures from the rap video of the shooter in Highland Park, and anyone who sees them will see this kid is a ticking time bomb.

The last two pictures are of Highland Shooter.

“Three rappers, the last two pictures are from Highland Park suspect, who apparently suggested in the video that he would do it. It is easy to make new laws about guns. Counting with a culture that actively promotes, encourages, rewards and glamorizes inferiority and nihilism. “

Here are the closeups of the last two photos:



This school shooting image should have been one Red flag For everyone.

Leftists can falsely politicize these shots and make all the “gun laws” they want, but unfortunately this will not stop the mentally ill, nihilist losers from hurting others.

The only way to stop this is if we actually solve the root problem.

It’s not a gun.

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Its mental illness, medication, feelings of frustration and lack of God in their lives.

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