New online polls about Curry Lake mule and drop box will probably damn it

Curry Lake would be an amazing governor of Arizona.

He is like the Dissent of the West … very tough, he does not speak harshly and the left and the media are not afraid of him.

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This makes him very dangerous in the eyes of the Communist Dams because they are accustomed to kicking around the losers of a weak GOP কেউ someone like Kari is a big problem for them.

And they won’t really like the new Twitter poll about the mid-2022 election.

Curry, like most Americans, understands that fraud played a major role in the 2020 election, and that he was greatly influenced by the hit movie “2000 Moles.”

So, Curry wanted to know, if we don’t properly monitor these Democrats? Cheating Dropbox, will MAGA be willing to volunteer in shifts and “see” these drop boxes?

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Curry said of his idea: “Q: If 24-hour video surveillance doesn’t happen … would you be willing to make a change by looking at a drop box to catch potential ballot mules in the 2022 election?”

And the final results are quite clear… MAGA ready to take action and help

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Here’s what people are saying online:

“Evidence of the Great Awakening !!!”

“Ballot mule beware !! We are coming for you!”

“Just go back to the paper ballot and vote one day, some other vote can’t stop the thieves (Democrat rats).”

“Why isn’t Gop preparing for this?” Oops! I forgot that they are content to take America down the path of Dame Marxism. “

“I am going to be a poll observer. There’s no reason why we can’t have Dropbox observers. I bet there are many who will volunteer. Although I say, there must be some “safety” guidelines!

“All drop boxes should be live-streamed to the public for the entire election process. The vote counting process also needs to be streamed live to the public. There is no reason why any part of this process should be done behind closed doors. We need more transparency. ”

I think it’s crazy that we have a “drop box”. None of this is necessary … it never was. It was part of a larger plan and everyone knows it

But here we are… and what I really like to see is the answer to the most hardworking MAGA Man Curry voting question. Scott PreslerWho has sacrificed his life to help Republicans win the election?

Here is what he said: “Yes, and I will help recruit volunteers.”

And here’s Curry’s response to Scott: “Scott, since we have an election month instead of Election Day. Can you come to Arizona and make sure we cover all the shifts to see these unconstitutional drop boxes?” Arizona loves you! ”

If Scott is on board, I know it will be a huge success.

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And if that’s what we’re supposed to do to protect our vote, so be it.

It is absurd that it came here, but you will find it in a country filled with Communist Democrats.

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