Nancy Pelosi’s husband has killed his brother for 65 years in a “Joyride” car accident

Nancy Pelosi’s 82-year-old husband is a scary man.

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He is only older and drives a fast sports car – a brand new Porsche – but he drinks and drives, above all.

On Memorial Day weekend, Paul Pelosi was drinking wine in the super elite Napa Valley and on his way home, he recklessly blew up with a stop sign and was hit by a jeep.

Someone could have been killed.

And speaking of which – you think Mr. Pelosi would be more careful, especially since 65 years ago, his reckless driving killed his own brother.

According to the Western Journal, Paul Pelosi was involved in another car accident 65 years ago, according to the UK’s Daily Mail. He was only 16 at the time and a high school student.

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The incident happened in February 1957 when Pelosi was driving his sports car. He had just picked up his 19-year-old brother, David Pelosi, from his girlfriend’s house and the two of them decided to go to “Joyride”.

In a February 23, 1957 quote, in a version of the San Francisco Examiner obtained by the Daily Mail, Patrolman Thomas Ganley stated that David had warned his brother of impending danger before the accident.

“It’s a bad stretch – slow down,” David told Paul as they approached a sharp curve near a dam.

After the accident, Ganley said Paul told him he tried to slow down by changing car gears. Instead, he completely lost control of the vehicle.

“The car sped off the road, bounced off a small embankment, another 20 feet up, spun around and simultaneously jumped over the shoulder and overturned on the shoulder with both young men below,” the examiner reported in a quote.

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According to the Daily Mail, Paul broke his collarbone during the accident, but was eventually able to get out of the car and call for help.

Ganley and another patrolman could not save David’s life.

“They jacked up the car to ease the pressure but the young man apparently died already,” the Times quoted him as saying.

It’s amazing to see such irresponsibility from a man his age.

And what about Pelosi, allowing her elderly husband to drive a sports car and drink while he was a government official?

Shame on you

Apparently, he has no control at home.

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It reminds me of Joe Biden and his crackhead son Hunter.

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