Naked Hunter Biden’s disgusting iPhone picture leaked, and this picture is a huge mess

Hunter Biden is the catastrophic gift that just keeps on giving, and what the boy gives this time.

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What makes this new photo so confusing is that Radar Online got their hands on it.

The New York Post picked up the story and said that the photo of the newly leaked iPhone was of a naked Hunter Biden with a prostitute which is making Joe very sad.

Now, sadly, in the case of Crackhead Hunter a naked hunter and a hooker are not enough to raise an eyebrow, so there is much more to the story.

The photo shows Hunter holding something very illegal …

And that illegal thing in his hand will make his father’s life even more miserable than before.

Gun Hunter was reportedly found illegally.

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Here is the radar online photo shared by the New York Post.

The New York Post reports that Hunter Biden, who had a 2017 divorce from Kathleen Buhl due to a fight with his addiction, was released from the US Navy Reserve three years ago after testing positive for cocaine.

A few weeks before the illegal purchase of the weapon, Biden’s girlfriend, Haley Biden, the widow of his late brother Beau Biden, threw the gun into a supermarket trash can, launching a secret service and FBI investigation so no charges were filed, Radar Online reported.

In the four months between October 2018 and February 2019, new leaks were added to more than 30 gigabytes of photos, videos and messages from Hunter Biden’s iPhone, Radar Online reported.

“Hunter is in a compromise position that will shake up Washington, DC,” a source close to the matter told the outlet.

At one point, photos and footage of Hunter Biden pointing a weapon at the camera came amid widespread shootings across the United States, where at least 15 people were killed and 61 injured, including at least 11 on Saturday and Sunday, the data shows.

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The massive shelling trend prompted President Biden to call for increased gun control, including a ban on assault weapons.

It doesn’t sit well with law-abiding Americans who have seen Hunter buy an illegal gun, thanks to a laptop from Hell.

I think Federalist Editor Shawn Davis said it best: “Your corrupt, crackhead boy lied in his federal background check form so he could buy a gun illegally, and your government pretended it never happened.”

So, while Joe Biden is trying like hell to take the guns he bought with your responsibility, his son is running naked with prostitutes, spreading his illegal gun.

How is it for the privilege of special biden?

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It never ends, does it?

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