MSNBC host says this clip is trying to “acquire” “proof” Descent Trump

The media loves to hate Trump and they also love to hate Dissentis, who is a lot like President Trump.

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He is brave and fearless, and he is willing to take action.

This makes him very dangerous on the left, so they attack him.

Honestly, most liberals also suffer from DDS, which is similar to Dysentery Derangement Syndrome, TDS, which we all know is terminal.

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The media and liberals are also obsessed with dissent, they are not the same as Trump, but it is still horrible and unhealthy.

In the case of dots.

An MSNBC host thinks he has discovered something quite mind blowing.

He believes the clip he shared on Twitter contained all the evidence needed to show Governor Desantis Taking responsibility President Trump’s full personality, right hand movements.

Sadly, these liberals miss Trump so much, they’re trying to invent something “new.”

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You can watch the video below:

Friend of President Trump and Governor Desantis, no matter how much the liars in the media want to think otherwise.

They are also very strong political allies, and Governor Descentis has modeled his political beliefs on the America First movement, so of course, he is in many ways like President Trump.

The bottom line is: If President Trump wants to run for the White House, it’s his nomination.


If he does not, the person he supports will be nominated.


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So, the media and GOP agencies, who support DeSantis working overtime to break the MAGA base, are wasting their time and energy.

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