MSNBC anchor Joy Reid has announced that women will ignore the upcoming ruling strike

Older white men are consulted to make decisions about women’s rights and freedoms. It’s not going to happen. So they are ready to deny the impending judgment to take away federal protection for abortion rights by reversing Rowe v. Wade. 70% of American women are in favor of the right to choose. However, the GOP does not pay attention. Senator Mitch McConnell, a power-hungry, talkative old man from Kentucky, has sold his decaying soul to Donald Trump in exchange for religious extremists, alt-right Supreme Court justices. Neither Trump nor McConnell is a religious man. They worship money and power and say the right words to deceive white missionaries and poor rural Americans by saying “make America great again” and promise to return to 1950s politics. White fear politics and rejection of secularism have forced Republican voters to abandon biblical teachings and support bigotry and cruelty.
Peaceful protesters marched near the home of Justice Brett Kavanagh. The right to freedom of speech and the right to peaceful assembly have been exercised in constitutionally protected peaceful demonstrations. Republican commentators say the protests “exceeded the limits.” Republican commentators say these are “crowds of harassers who have violated acceptable protest parameters.” The claim by political parties that the January 6 violent uprising was a “normal tourist day” is hypocritical. The practice of being above the judges’ reprimands is outdated and ridiculous. “Why should Supreme Court judges be free from civic reaction? (MSNBC opinion). Any claim by the court that it is apolitical is considered a joke by the American people. MSNBC comments, “If one does not want to endure such pressures, one has the option of not taking a position of extreme power as a public official who makes life-and-death decisions about others.” Protesters were peaceful in protest of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft views on abortion. Judges are unelected, politically appointed for life, and enjoy a level of privacy and accountability that should not be acceptable in a democracy.
There is no way that Americans will allow their young daughters to suffer unwanted pregnancies, especially those that result from rape or incest. Justices Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Connie-Barrett, conspiracy theorist Clarence Thomas and Chief Justice John Roberts will soon strip a woman of her reproductive freedom and lifestyle choices. However, the potential loss of life and trauma will motivate women to vote for Republicans outside the office. In addition, women have already started an organized resistance movement that will refuse to recognize the loss of control over their bodies. The Conservative branch of the Supreme Court is a stigmatized group of unpopular extremists who are so out of touch with the American majority. It would not be surprising if we finally see one of these characters indicted, resigned or accused. Justice Roberts is the only judge who does not appear to be owned by Trumpism. However, his leadership is weak and activating extremism without encouraging conservatism.

Gov. Greg Abbott and Ron Desantis are toxic men with frightening ideas about how women and minorities should be treated in a democracy.

Joy happily signs a 15-week ban on abortion – no mention of funding for her forced childcare. Republicans are a party of grievances, not solutions. Journalists still have to ask questions to expose corruption, cruelty and incompetence.

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