Mayor Laurie Lightfoot has just called for LGBTQ to take up “weapons” against SCOTUS.

It looks like Laurie Lightfoot is trying to provoke a riot with her last two tweets.

It seems he wants liberals to take up arms against SCOTUS.

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We were told that if you call on people like President Trump and Marjorie Taylor Green to “compete” against voter fraud, it is a threat and a rebellion against democracy.

President Trump was “canceled” from all social media and a lawsuit was filed against Marjorie Taylor Green. Dames actually tried to get people off the ballot by telling them to “compete.”

But obviously, it’s only “dangerous” when Republicans say this kind of thing because Demra whips everyone there in a crazy frenzy, and the media, social media and other politicians are cheering them on.

Just look at what Lori Lightfoot is doing … she’s trying to arm the LGBTQ community and “fight for victory” because she claims – without any evidence – that SCOTUS is “coming for them then.”

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Here’s what Lori said: “For my friends in the LGBTQ + community — the Supreme Court is coming up tomorrow. This moment must be a call to arms. “


“We will not surrender our rights without a fight – a fight for victory!”

How on earth is this responsible leadership?

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What evidence does Lori have that anyone in the LGBTQ community is “coming later”? It’s unreasonable.

It’s great to tell people to “take up arms …”, Natzob Dames, gun-wielding, thinking everyone is “coming after them next.”

My God, this woman wants blood to flow in the streets and the dead SCOTUS judge.

He is trying to climb the ladder of Rowe v. Wade’s decision, which will only hold states accountable for enacting abortion laws.

Here’s what people are saying to Lori online:

“You hate guns yet here you are urging people to take up arms against the Scots.”


“One of our elected officials was told that a request to take action to fight against a branch of the government was a coup d’etat.”

“Remember when Alex Jones was banned from having your war rifle ready”

This is what “Call of Arms” looks like to a true rebel. “


“Can you imagine if a Republican tweeted this? People would lose their minds.”

Chicago’s left-wing mayor has issued a “call for arms” against the Supreme Court!

“Not only is he satisfied with the killings in his hometown, Mayor Lightfoot has called for more violence across the country.”

“Are you calling for a coup?”

“Homosexuals, it’s time to take up arms against the Supreme Court!” “Every day people are being shot in the streets,” said the mayor.

“It sounds like a rebellion to me. Twitter? “

“Hey @ January6thCmte, read this tweet below and then go F-off.”

“Lots of progressive speeches over the last few years have turned into different versions,” If you don’t give us what we want, we’ll burn the country. “

“I’m sorry, I thought it was illegal to incite rebellion. Let me ask Trump … oh wait, he shut down Twitter for less than this lightfoot tweet that called for people to take up arms against SCOTUS. “

“How could it not incite violence ??? I permanently banned my account for 1 word response and here the Beatles could threaten SCOTUS without fear of reprimand”

Laurie Lightfoot should resign immediately as a result of this heinous and dangerous call for violence.

But that won’t happen, because that’s what Dames needs right now.

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If there is any hope of stopping the red tsunami in November, they will have to pour foam on their faces, go insane, scared, and riot in the streets.

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