Low character. The British Conservative Party has chosen morality over the party, a

The British have wanted to get rid of Johnson for years. Early in his term, his party realized that he was corrupt, immoral, chaotic, incompetent, and unfit to be prime minister. His arrogance told him to organize a wild party during the Kovid lockdown, to appoint a man accused of sexual misconduct into his government, and to have a conservative donor rebuild his home. Johnson and Trump have a lot in common. Their abuse of power, immorality and arrogance make them leaders who undermine the integrity of their government. Republicans in the United States are looking bad today because Parliament stands for morality; The US government bowed to the dictator. Goodbye Boris. The U.S. Congress did not oust Trump, but the people did. The Republican Party continues to disrespect itself by supporting an immoral, dishonest and former criminal president. They have ignored her role in her adultery, her tax evasion, her defense of men accused of sexual harassment, her attempts to steal the presidential election, and her attack on the Capitol. Parliament has modeled what America must do: Get Trump out of politics.
The US government has collapsed. The Republican Party is occupied by the all-right, Trump Maga ideology. Racism, religious extremism, anti-women’s rights, political hypocrisy, criminality and immorality are now accepted by the GOP. Since the government has collapsed, we Democrats cannot rely on the passage of moral laws. So the people have to be brave and bypass the government and damage the wallets of the American oligarchs.
An article by Mitch Trachenberg suggested a bold move to strike national workers to stay in power and attract the attention of those who control those in power with money. Trechenberg says;

“We have taken back the power we already have. We hold our labor back from a system that has not respected our will for decades, a system that now indicates that individual liberty was just a fifty-year-old craze that was recently overturned by the order of appointed judges. A demagogue who was impeached twice, the last time, primarily to inspire a coup attempt. We went on strike. From shore to shore. “Rowe Wade’s blow was the motivation behind Trechenberg’s idea of ​​the American people going on strike. The organization and the people’s willingness to accept sacrifices are needed to determine how long it will last and how it will be organized. However, Trachenberg believes it is worth trying a strike. Because we need to restore women’s autonomy over their bodies and money attracts the attention of those in power.

There are enough Republican, anti-Trump organizations to bring down Trump in the same style used in the British Parliament against Boris Johnson. The Lincoln Project, the Renew America Movement, The Republican Accountability Movement, and Adam Kingsinger’s Country First are a few projects organized by Republicans to free our politics from Trump and his immoral ideology. However, these teams haven’t thought about how to put their voices together and tell Trump, “Play your dangerous, immoral game, bye, lose, we’re over you.” The group expresses two significant themes: Democracy is under attack by Trump, and Americans from all parties must unite to end Trump’s power over the Republican Party. The British were relentless in their message to Boris Johnson that they were done to him, his immoral act and they wanted him to leave. Like the strike, the action taken by Republicans must have a “wow” factor.
When, where, how do we shout this message? The majority of the country believes this message is valid. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the assembly. However, they are still figuring out what behavior to use to gather more significant numbers around the clown and say, “You’re done.”

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