Looney actress Andy McDowell says Trump’s victory “throws him out”

How can anyone take these stupid, overdramatic liberal loons seriously?

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The manner in which these so-called “adults” behaved when President Trump was elected was and still is embarrassing and shameful.

It was like watching kids laugh for more than five years.

Yet, nevertheless, these underdeveloped, mentally stunted people think they are “adults” in the house, which is really rich.

Just look at the insane behavior of liberal D-list actress Andy McDowell when President Trump won … he literally “fell to his knees”, he says.

Can you imagine how Andy handles real trauma in his life? He probably has a basket case 24/7.

You’d think he’d be embarrassed to share it, but for liberals, the “political performance theater” is a badge of honor.

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Brittbart reports that Donald Trump’s election and a room full of men led actress Andy McDowell to his first panic attack.

“I had this kind of crazy experience right after Trump was elected. I was really upset that no one seemed to care about the vagina.[-grabbing] Comments I got really sorry. I went to work, a day job, and I had my first panic attack, “said Groundhog Day star Mary Claire in an interview.

“I was ready to shoot something, and I turned around and it was like a men’s room. For example, the sea of ​​men. It flashed on something that was personal to me. And I drop to my knees. I left the room and went to this fake bathroom on the set, and looked in the mirror at myself and said, ‘Do your shit together.’

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Andy McDowell did not mention the film he was shooting but said the experience “shocked me, not seeing any other woman. It’s not that I have nothing against men. I don’t! I just don’t like their big team. Since then, I I was very careful to look around and find women on the set. For comfort. “

Oh, I have news for you Andy, most women don’t like other women.

See, as women, how many of us women are manipulating, stabbing in the back and trying to hit each other.

The idea that some “Kumbaya” lovefest is happening among women is a ridiculous joke.

Also, obviously, Andy has some mental development problems and doesn’t have “everything” mentally.

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Whichever movie set he was on, he shot three films released in 2017: Only the Brave, a Josh Brolin / Miles Taylor elite firefighter; Love after love, almost two grieving siblings; And Netflix yuletide comedy Christmas Inheritance. All three were initially male crew, and most of these movies were unheard of in the world.

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