Liz Cheney’s new Democrat friends kicked her … hard

Liz Cheney is a traitor without a home.

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She has nowhere to go, and no one to love her.

On the one hand, he’s the darling of the left, because he has Stage 5 TDS and he can’t stop attacking President Trump, and on the other hand, the right can’t stand him.

But there is a problem for Ol ‘Liz.

He’s pro-life, and thanks to President Trump, Rowe vs. Wade has just been overturned … Cheney can’t help but be happy about it, so he jumps on Twitter and tweets about it, and it’s from his new Dame friends old Wet chickens drive you crazy.

And of course, the people on the right told him to take a hike again.

Cheney’s pro-life announcement came when he asked Dames to temporarily change political parties in Wyoming so they could vote for him in the closed Republican primary.

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So, he wants to cheat on the way to victory?

Now, I can see why he won’t investigate the 2020 election … understandably.

Here is what Liz said in her pro-life tweet: “I have always been firmly pro-life. Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court restores power to the state and the people of the state to resolve the issue of abortion under state law. “

And the reaction from all around was quite intense:

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“Oh girl. You sent an email to Dames asking him to change his party affiliation to help you win the race. You should have kept this secret for a while longer. ”

“She should have kept quiet about it. This statement does not help him with the GOP primary voters who are all Trumps. He needed Democrats and independents. ”

“Remember my colleague Dames, Liz Cheney is not your friend.”

“When I start praising you …”

“Extremely wealthy white women have the privilege of saying they support creating women without their resources – the state’s chatter.”

“I knew you were too good to be true.”

“Hey Dames, enjoy … she’s yours now, like all the other Rhino Nevertrampers.” They will occupy your party. I hope you enjoy it. ”

“I appreciate your work at the 1/6 hearing. My reproductive system is not your business. “

“Liz, you have thrown all the good things you have done in the last few months out of the window. “

“You cannot fight to protect the country from dictatorship by praising dictatorship at the same time.”

“I’m telling my fellow Democratic friends not to put you on the sidelines or make you a kind of hero. You proved me, Liz. “

“I’m so glad this bitter old witch is no longer the GOP’s problem.”

“Hey Liz, I see your friends are denying you, just a reminder, we don’t want to get back your treacherous ass either … enjoy the loneliness, you lose”

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That can’t be surprising.

You either point the finger at every single line for Dames, or you’re a traitor and they don’t want to do anything with you.

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