Liz Cheney’s impending defeat will be even sweeter, because she’s so terrified

One thing I can tell you about Liz Cheney is that she doesn’t want to leave Congress.

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Indeed, he is desperate to stay and fears that it may end for him.

It has gotten so bad that he is now trying to attract votes using puppies.

Check out this desperate tweet:

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Common installation dinosaurs.

Liz thinks pictures of puppies and kissed kids will be enough to win the primary, after she stabbed so many voters in the back.

You can imagine the reaction, wasn’t it? Fast and furious:

“You only serve yourself, and I feel bad for that poor dog.”

“You’re going to lose 30 points early – LMAO!”

“A vote for Liz is a vote for the devil in disguise …”

“He’s so desperate that he’s using a puppy to look like a favorite.”

“Hey Liz, a Trump hater = hate the American people!”

“I’ll vote for the dog before I vote for Cheney.”

“He has already lost. Her day is over and she can’t face it right now. ”

“Even though they let the dogs vote, I don’t think they have enough to win the sugar in Wyoming.”

Clover says: “The moment no one looks, I’m running away.”

“It’s funny to see Liz panic about losing her career because she has Stage 5 TDS.”

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I saw this meme and had to laugh:


One of the biggest moments of the “intermediate” election cycle is seeing this treacherous globalist warlord lose his seat and get out of the swamp on his stomach.

Good release from the worst garbage ever.

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I can’t wait.

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