Liberal Jarro insulted for claiming Trump’s record-setting rally was “empty”

It doesn’t surprise me that liberal journalists still can’t admit that President Trump is popular. They’ve spent the last 7 or so years pretending that Trump’s popularity isn’t real.

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Which is ironic, isn’t it?

Here you have the piles and piles of support of President Trump, which is available for everyone and their brothers to see.

And then there’s Joe Biden, with zero visible support, but he’s the guy who won an estimated “81 million legal votes” and we just have to take it at face value and believe he has support, when there’s no visible evidence.

“Don’t believe your false eyes, believe what we tell you” – Fake News.

One thing and one thing only drives these TDS so-called journalists: “Orange Man Bad.”

To find out more about why the Deep State is terrified of President Trump, just look at his Wyoming rally.

And it is always counterproductive in their face, because they are harming their profession. Instead of reporting actual news, they report what they want to see or expect.

This brings us to a liberal reporter named Brian Scott, who was apparently triggered by President Trump’s Wyoming rally. So much so that he lied about it.

Brian tweeted at about 2:30, claiming that President Trump was taking the stage in 30 minutes and then showing a place that was rarely full.

In fact, there were a lot of people outside, and President Trump was not taking the stage at 3 p.m. He was supposed to start the rally at 4 pm. So, Brian still had 90 minutes to go before the assembly started taking those pictures.

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Here is what Brian said: “We are about 30 minutes away from the showtime at Trump’s rally in Caspar and there are a lot of empty seats on the field. There’s still a line outside, but I’m not sure how many people are waiting inside #utpol ”

Here is an actual photo of the rally:

And here was the outer line to enter:

Why do they always do it? And every time they do, they get leaked.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“No wonder people are talking about this and not taking you seriously. When your information is unprepared, you look like an idiot. Try to tell some truth.”

This guy is tweeting “Copy Candy” to his liberal followers who eat it like Xanax. If you read the reactions, they’re all jumping for joy that Trump has set a state record for appearances when he’s actually “insulted”. They don’t care, they just want to feel safe. “

“It simply came to our notice then. It is currently in Caspar, WY after 1pm and President Trump does not speak until 4pm.

“These fools do that every time. And every time it blows them away. ”

“Wishful thinking friend. He set a national record for most appearances haha”

“I think Dames would be lied to rather than confronted with the truth. Strange. ”

I think liberals are so afraid of Trump that they have to pretend it’s not real to deal with it.

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This is how these crazy people are mentally weak and mentally ill.

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