Legal experts have ridiculed Trump after John Durham’s “big fat reduction” in court. Special

Trump threatened to appoint William Barr as a special prosecutor to deny the devastating consequences of his investigation into Robert Mueller’s involvement in Russia’s 2016 election. However, like the “stop stealing” lie where no evidence of fraud was created in the 2020 election, the Durham investigation found no evidence to refute Mueller’s investigations into attempts to obstruct Trump’s justice. During the 2015 campaign, all the legal steps that Trump took to convict his opponents of the crime failed. More than 65 judges threw her legal challenges out of court for lack of credibility or evidence, claiming the 2020 election results were “fraudulent”. Every claim of Trump’s criminal conduct against others is his crime. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” How can anyone believe a person who claims injustice, promises proof, and gives no evidence year after year?

Trump thinks there should be an investigation against someone other than him. He called for an investigation and promised evidence against his opponents, which was never carried out. Investigations against him have consistently resulted in criminal and potentially criminal conduct. Hillary herself was the victim of congressional aggression and allegations against Benghazi, and despite the biased nature of the investigation, she testified and never appealed for a fifth. Trump says only “the crowd requests the fifth” yet his allies continue to request. People who worked for Hillary didn’t “lock up,” but Trump’s allies did. Hillary did not ignore the subpona and did not urge her allies, like Trump’s allies, to obstruct justice and deny Congress. Only liars and guilty people obstruct justice.

Trump was so humiliated after losing the election that he immediately started making false accusations of voter fraud and started his “big lie” campaign which has weakened our democracy. His disability in the process of being mentally defeated has led him to claim that he has won the election despite having no evidence to prove it.

This statement is embarrassing evidence of Trump’s corruption. He acknowledges that he believes the results of the 2020 democratic election should have been postponed once he took the lead, which means that any vote he takes after taking the lead is fraudulent. How can anyone be forgetful enough to believe that BS?

Hillary Clinton’s attorney told the FBI that Durham’s failure in court to prove it was false showed how desperate, wasteful and meaningless the investigation was. It also shows the criminal efforts that William Barr, Mark Meadows, Lindsay Graham, Kevin McCarthy and other corrupt government members are willing to take to appease Trump. Getting rid of Trump’s power will be easier if Republicans unite and tell their voters the truth about him. Republicans behave harshly but in reality they are weak and vulnerable.

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