Laurie wrote a tweet acknowledging how dangerous her city was, and quickly acknowledging it

If you don’t know, Chicago is turning into a big hell of violence and despair.

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Is it still a great city? Of course, I love Chicago. My cousin actually lives in downtown, and when she finds it hard to see the city in this sad state, she likes it and doesn’t want to move. I don’t blame him, but leadership needs to change. At times, moderate intellectuals have to stop and say, “Yeah, there’s something bad about these liberal-driven cities …” and put the two and the two together. It’s not that hard.

I can’t believe the left has actually found someone worse than Raheem Emanuel.

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Laurie Lightfoot is a disaster of epic proportions. He is a general liberal who focuses more on social issues such as LBGTQ “rights” than on preventing Americans from being slaughtered on the streets.

I tell you – there is no group in America that has more rights, support and admiration than LGBTQ … I think we can help other people now.

But that’s not who Lori is. He is ready to go to the literal “war” on behalf of the LGBTQ community


And to say “war”, the city of Laurie is in turmoil, with many gun violence, murders and other rising crime.

He has done such a horrible thing in his city that it has become in the United States, perhaps the most horrible and unsafe place in the world.

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And things are so incredibly bad now, that Laurie even had to impose a really strict curfew… and he tweeted about it, and in the process, he accidentally admitted how bad Chicago was under his terrible leadership, and when he noticed that, He quickly deleted the tweet.


But don’t worry, we have a copy.

Here’s a close-up of Laurie’s now deleted tweet:


Yakes … so to have “fun” in the summer, everyone has to “make friends” with a parent or guardian?

Seems like a really safe and happy place, Mayor.

I can see why you wanted to delete that tweet …

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But sorry, Lori, the internet, much like your failure, forever.

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