Lauren Boebert believes our government will be run by the Church

Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert said she is “tired” of the country’s long-standing practice of separating church and state and thinks “the church is supposed to lead the government.”

Ahead of his initial vote on Tuesday, Boebert was apparently confused when he said the founding fathers did not intend to separate religion from the political system in a speech at the Cornerstone Christian Center in Basalt, Colorado on Sunday. He argued that “the government should not run the church.”

“I am sick of this nonsense about separation of religion and state; It is unconstitutional. Audiences applauded as Boebert said, “It was a disgusting letter and it meant nothing more than what they said.

In Colorado’s 3rd District, State Senator Don Quorum is Boebert’s primary opponent on the Republican side; Nonetheless, FiveThirty8, a website that tracks elections, predicts that Boebert will win on Tuesday despite raising significantly more money than the quorum during the campaign.

The founding clause of the Bill of Rights, which states that “Congress shall not enact any law respecting the establishment of religion,” is the source of the idea of ​​separation between church and state.

The first person to interpret the phrase “a wall or hedge of separation” between “desert of the world” and “church garden” was Roger Williams, who created Rhode Island.

The American public, according to then-President Thomas Jefferson, wrote a letter to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut in 1802 when he “built a wall of separation between church and state.”

The idea has been followed by states for many days since Jefferson’s letter. The Supreme Court has used the concept of perpetuating such a wall and applied the clause to the states, including the 14th Amendment.

However, the current High Court, which is dominated by conservatives, has been ruling more frequently in favor of religion in public places lately.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Washington state football coach who prayed in a 50-yard line after a public school game this month and this month overturned a Maine law that barred religious institutions from receiving taxpayer-funded tuition assistance.

Conservative judges further declared in May that rejecting a request to display the flag at the City Hall of a religious group in Boston constituted a constitutional violation.

The court “continues to destroy the wall of separation between the church and the state that the framers fought to build,” Liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor Maine commented after the decision.

The judge said in his dissenting opinion that “the court has overturned the constitutional doctrine in just a few years.”

Boebert has been identified as an ultra-right conservative, with extreme views on abortion, weapons and immigration. He has created controversy since winning the 2020 election, saying the church has become a tool of the state instead.

“The church obeyed, that’s why we had so many limitations,” he commented. “Government is governed by the church. The church should not be ruled by the government. Not the way our founding fathers wanted it to be.

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