Large clothing line to bail out detained employees for protesting Rowe Wade

In protest against the Supreme Court’s decision in the Roe v. Wade case, clothing merchant Patagonia has promised to grant bail to any employee arrested.

Following the court ruling, Patagonia wrote on social media that it would cover the bail of activists protesting the “reproductive trial”.

They say on LinkedIn that beyond just providing basic health insurance for employees, they promote complete well-being, something that every individual deserves.

“It provides workers with access to reproductive health care in a dignified manner. Supporting employees’ decisions about whether or when to have children” The business continues. It provides parents with the tools they need to support their families while working.

All of Patagonia’s full-time and part-time employees, the business said, will receive training, “bail for those who protest peacefully for reproductive justice” and time to “vote.”

The firm added that “abortion care” is covered for U.S. workers, and that it will cover workers’ travel, accommodation and meals while they are in a “prohibited existing” position.

According to JJ Haggins, a corporate representative, the corporation’s “bail policy has been in place for many years.”

Patagonia is one of the many businesses willing to pay for an employee’s abortion.

A growing number of large businesses, including Alaska Airlines, Dix Sporting Goods, JPMorgan, Lift and Apple, have pledged to cover the travel costs of employees for abortions outside their own states.

The Supreme Court on Friday overturned the national right to abortion, ending a nearly 50-year-old precedent. The move is expected to result in abortion restrictions in about half of the states.

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