Kimberly Guilfail took Biden and her latest “Beach Vacation” 5 Quickly

I’ve said this many times, but Biden Admin has no idea about “optics”.

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They either don’t know, or don’t care, or both, but it’s important to the American people how they “see” things.


And the Biden administrator has yet to figure it out, or as I said, they don’t care what the farmers think.

But bad optics are killing Biden in the polls, and as a result, Biden is pulling the whole party, so I believe they don’t care what we think, they’re anonymous, a combo of neurotic millennials, and 90-style political hacks that campaign. Running.

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Because I tell you that while the country is facing life-changing inflation, rising gas, crime and a crisis at the border, seeing Biden go on another “beach vacation” makes the stomach ache for a large part of the country. .

And that’s exactly what Kimberly Guilfoyle mentioned in her rudely bright tweet.

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Here’s what Kimberly said: “74% of babies don’t have formula stock.” Gas prices have risen by 56 cents a month. Eight thousand illegal people cross the border every day. Inflation costs Americans $ 569 per month. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is on vacation in Delaware.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Joe Obama’s speech requires the practice of facial expressions.”

“She is spending her vacation in a memory care facility, getting full of medicine.”

“And these are the same people who complained when Trump went to play golf.”

“It’s designed to break you down, weaken you and make you lose weight.”

But liberals are thrilled that they can’t see the tweet or the president golfing. # Liberalism Isomental Disorder

“Can we give Delaware to Libya with Joe Biden?”

There is nothing more humiliating for painful Americans than the Biden administration paying our hard-earned tax dollars to Ukrainians and then watching them go to the beach for a leisurely vacation.

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It’s a slap in the face and just shows how much the elite hate us.

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