Katie got worse news for Joe … she got another big fire brewing

The guy who says he wants to “take more control” and will no longer be “corrected” by his staff has really stepped into a big pile of doggie du-du.

And according to Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich, it looks like Biden is preparing for the next big scandal.

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So, what did the big dummy do this time?

Well, ironically, I think he admitted the truth when he shouldn’t have …

It has to do with the nightmare of infant formula deficiency … Children are being hospitalized in America for deficiency of this formula, and we now need to airlift infant formula like in third world countries.

“Build back better.”

The White House has been trying to claim that Biden and his team have been working on child labor deficits since February.

That’s the story they kept until Mr. Magu opened his pudding-hole the other day and said he didn’t know about the infant formula crisis until April.

Um, what ????

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CNN’s MJ Lee posted this tweet:

“President Biden’s remarks this afternoon that he was not aware of how bad the infant formula problem was until April raised many questions. The White House says it has been working around the clock since February to resolve the issue. “

Jack Tapper is now wondering how Biden’s administrator in the world would have known about it in February, but he only found out in April.

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Oh, yes, I can help answer that question, Jack … Biden is not running the show, and his staff didn’t tell him anything because he has a ragging case of dementia …

Does that help?

Katie Pavlich says it’s becoming a really big scandal and Biden has been lying to the American people for a month now.

This interview, from May 13th, shows how both Jane Sackie and Karin Jean-Pierre lied … and, things get worse now that we know about the “February / April” lie.

But Katie’s spot-on, and what she says matters.

Katie Pavlich: I think a big government scandal has been created here. There are reports that the FDA investigation inspection of this Abbott plant, which provides the country with over 40% of the country’s child formula, stopped the inspection during COVID, which of course has delayed the inspection process so far. Three months before February. The FDA is taking a very slow time and confirming that the plant is back online when the company itself says their baby formula is safe. And of course, they have a part to play in creating safe baby formulas. The timeline of how the White House was protected is becoming very clear. Jane Sackie said yesterday that they have been working on it for months if that happens, and they have completely failed to prevent this catastrophe, this crisis.

You can watch the video below:

Really, it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.

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This admin must be one of the biggest incompetents who has worked in politics.

And yes, I know that much of their destruction is by design, they want to break us, to “rebuild the new world order” but most of these things are pure incompetence, and taking your eyes off the problems, because you know about the farmers you are ruling. Can’t really think less.

They hate us, and it shows.

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