Kathy Griffin has been wiped out for calling Johnny Depp “bloated.”

Kathy Griffin isn’t in a position to call anyone on earth for their looks, right?

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This lady can scare kids and adults on Halloween, with or without a mask, if you can catch my drift.

Of course, that didn’t stop him from attacking Johnny Depp, just as he won his defamation suit against the #MeToo liar, Amber Hard.

And of course, someone like Kathy Griffin supports a lying gripper like Amber Hard … seems appropriate.

Griffin, who suffers from Stage 5 TDS, tried to denounce President Trump by saying that Depp looks like a ponytail like Trump.

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Wow, I think that’s great! Captain Donald Sparrow … has a ring.

I guess he thinks Joe Crypt looks better than the keeper, doesn’t he?

Here is what Griffin said:

Kathy’s reactions were brutal and included lots of pictures:

“Hmmm, her brave.”


“Go here! Taken last night and today. More beautiful than ever! I bet you won’t see 1/100 at that age.”


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“I liked him. I ignore Hollywood and their political beliefs anyway and even though I don’t agree with that picture with Trump’s severed head, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. But it’s not just Johnny’s face that makes fun of Sarah Huckabee for no reason, I think she’s ugly. “

“I think Jedi looks pretty good for being 58! And KG is sure to pick someone for their looks. “

“Kathy, when you look like a carrot top, you probably shouldn’t talk about what other people look like.”


“When someone starts attacking someone’s face you know they’re grabbing straw!”

“Does Kathy Griffin think it’s fat? Is she a fat-shy fit man now?”


“Bitter you are, the disgusting old Crown, as a man, finally got justice against his abuser. Jedi and her kids can live happily ever after without that dirty burden on their backs. “

“The uglier you are on the inside, the more you look on the outside.”

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.


“I like him very much, Cathy. Hell is much better than your face. “


“Shame on the body? Really? What does his appearance have to do with justice? Are you 4 years old? “

“Yeah, he looks really swollen and bad, you’re a blind old man.”


“I hate to say this to Cathy, but Trump also feels much better than you.”

When will Cathy learn to keep her big, angry yap off?

Probably not.

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He is at a tragic stage in his down-to-earth career, where no matter how foolish he may be, his attention will not be cut.

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