Judge killed by gunmen who hit Mitch McConnell on list

According to CNN, a Wisconsin judge was shot dead in his home by a gunman with a political hit list that included Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and others.

Former Judge John Romer, who served as a circuit court judge in Junau County, was the target of Friday’s shooting. According to investigators, the 68-year-old judge was shot dead by a 56-year-old assailant at his New Lisbon home. On Friday, Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Cowell said the shooter was motivated by “some kind of legal matter or lawsuit,” but the investigation is still ongoing. According to Kaul, the only thing they know today is that the murder list had “something to do with the court system.”

Over the weekend, CNN’s Frederica Whitfield reported on the CNN Newsroom that the shooter planned to target a “long list” of other high-ranking government officials, including McConnell, Governor Tony Ivers (DWI) and Governor Gretchen Whitmer (DWI). -MI), who were subsequently targeted in a kidnapping plot foiled by FBI agents in 2020.

While the motive for the gunman is unknown, CNN law enforcement correspondent Whitney Wilde says there is a “higher threat” environment for government officials who have “anti-government attitudes and complaints” and are looking for “soft targets” like Romer, due to “genuine concern” with unsettled individuals.

On Friday morning, according to Kaul, local officials received a call that someone with a gun was at Romer’s home. According to the call, two shots were heard inside Romer’s residence before an unidentified man fled to a nearby property. The judge was found dead in the basement, and the gunman was in the cellar with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, when police arrived and tried to negotiate.

On Friday, Kaul admitted that the gunman had other targets that he wanted to kill. He said the targets were set, but there was no “active threat” to their lives at this time.

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