Jonathan Turley caught this J6 saying something very “said” about “secret witnesses.”

If you don’t know, the January 6 evening is being “produced” by some people in Hollywood.

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The Left and RINO are desperate to use this comedy show trial to try to bring down President Trump again that they have hired a producer.

So far, the ratings have been unusual.

No one pays attention to this nonsense.

We can’t afford gas and groceries, but should we care that the chalk count fax machine was wrecked about 2-stupid-years ago?

One of the real tragedies of that day was the assassination of an unarmed Trump supporter named Ashley Babbitt. Beyond that, it was an event that went out of hand and was probably exacerbated by “outside political forces”.

But regardless, Mr. Producer is pulling all the stops to increase the rating

More news: We know that January 6 is “Surprise Witness”, and wait until you see what has just been revealed about it.

He knows that in order to get people to catch up, you have to add some drama to the mix. According to the committee, they had a “secret witness” to come out with some “bomb-proof”.

Well, the “bombshell” part is definitely up for debate and so is the “secret witness” part, since the young woman was an intern last year and on January 6th, she was a glorious receptionist and coffee gopher.

Real “high level” accessories …

And instead of providing evidence to the committee, he is reconstructing a bunch of hearsay there and saying his “opinions” on some issues.

Professor Turley has a problem with what Dames and Rhino are doing here, and he’s not defending Trump, but he’s pretty upset that we’re all running a one-sided show.

If they want to bring this woman there, so be it, but the fatal error of this committee is that they have no one there to question the rebuttal.

Turley says it’s a one-sided show, and he’s right.

Not only that, they are “editing their descriptions” which is something they are editing.

None of this will stand in court. None.

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It’s a shame.

Here is what he said in one tweet after another:

The former assistant of Meadows is being shown in the hearing of the select committee. This is a valuable insight. However, again, the rep. Cheney asked Trump to march his supporters to the Capitol but quoted the part he said should be done “peacefully”.

Again, this is not an impunity for the role of the President but it highlights the lack of any alternative point of view or question on the committee …

… The selection committee is following the same strategy. It shows a witness a snippet from previous testimony and then asks them to confirm and repeat that point. Speaker Pelosi described it as the purpose of the committee, precisely “narrative”.

It could have been much more. Both sides are blaming each other for the lack of balance, but the selection committee is blocking any obvious counter-opinion on the evidence in this tightly regulated presentation.

“Coffee Grabber” says Trump tried to grab the car’s steering wheel when he was told he wasn’t going to the Capitol and later smashed his lunch with a wall and “screamed and screamed.”

Just all of this very “prime time soap opera tv” type stuff.

And that was my favorite observation from Tarli, and most importantly, pay close attention.

After Coffee Grabber said all the “juicy gossip”, Turley noted that the hearing was now taking a “Johnny Depp / Amanda Hard” turn:

… Hutchinson further testified that Trump broke his luncheon against the wall after reading the bar’s AP interview. The hearing seems to be taking a Depp / Heard turn.

Of course it’s taking a deep / hard turn … Want to know why?

Because that courtroom drama had a great rating … and they would try to do it with this annoying net.

What a joke.

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This whole thing is a complete and complete circus, but that’s what we came to expect from the left. Thus they conducted the first two impeachment hearings, so all this is nothing new.

It’s the same show, the same script, the same actor, just a new name and some new supporting actors.

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