John Rich Share Sign posted inside an Ohio school … the best way to stop it

Many are talking about what happened in Texas.

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It is heartbreaking to think of poor, sweet, innocent children going through such horrors. It’s unthinkable and we hate our kids even better.

Our armed guards are keeping an eye on Congress. Those old, worn out thieves and charlatans are well protected, but our kids are not worthy of the same protection?

Hollywood scambags have armed guards, but our kids are jilted.

Why is that?

More news: The husband of a Texas teacher died two days after being killed in a mass shooting

Why is the life of an “elite” more important than that of ordinary, working Americans?

This is a question every American should ask their lawmakers.

In the meantime, all teachers need to be trained and armed.

It’s a Rock Hill school district, and they have this sign up.

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My guess is that any mentally ill potential shooter would think twice about running to this school.

It is nice that these teachers are trained and armed.

All must be teachers.

And on top of that, every school should have armed security around the halls at all times.

And if we need money, we can start without sending Zelensky 50+ billion dollars.

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Our children deserve the same level of protection as liars, deceitful lawmakers.

After all, we can’t rely on the police … because in Texas, the gunman refused to be involved and stood outside the classroom when an 18-year-old killed 19 children.

Although Demra wants to politicize this genocide, we really need to talk about practical solutions to protect the children.

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