Joe’s crazy and desperate WH has already “replaced” the KJP and he doesn’t know it

Karin Jean-Pierre is not Jane Saki.

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Not many people.

We are not all forced to lie like the serial-killing sociopath, or to stand there like the Stapford wife and vomit out communist propaganda like Jane.

So, the KJP is taking it fairly.

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Saki aside, Karin is really terrible at her job… I’m not sure if she deserves to be in charge, but obviously, how she’s handled things so far, she’s on top of her head.

A few weeks ago, we reported that the KJP was doing so badly that they created a “backup” for it… a skilled spin doctor named John Kirby, who is now lying in the Pentagon with his butt off. .

They quickly took John to the WH briefing room, and now, he has been “activated”.

And if you ask me, this is the first big step in pushing the KJP, who has no idea how to handle this.

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The KJP answered questions for only 13 minutes, and then Kirby took charge.


Now, Kirby jumps in to “save the day.”


Biden’s only “bright spot” was Jane Saki … the woman was a skilled liar, and when she didn’t want to react to a Biden’s disaster, she just turned it around so much, you don’t even think the hell question was asked. No.

And that’s what you need in a failed, incompetent, unpopular administration like the fraudulent Biden… and the KJP will never be that person, so my guess is that they’re trying to figure out how to loosen him and replace him. A white friend, without sending their base into an absolute face-frothing frenzy.

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Must be interesting.

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