Joe should discuss why the Texas killer didn’t get the emotional support he needed, no

Salvador Ramos, 18, was a walking “red flag.”

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There were signs everywhere that this baby was a ticking time bomb.

He was strange, isolated and lonely. Now, it doesn’t just make you an emerging mass shooter, but it does tell you what I …

Ramos liked to cut his face to “have fun”. He was also reported to be violent and had sex with his mother and grandmother. He will harass and expel his female colleagues with inappropriate text messages.

He didn’t like women very much.

The police knew about this baby … they were in his house a lot. Her mother would call them if they were “aggressive” with her.

Neighbors say he had a problem.

That’s why he recently left with his grandmother.

More news: Liberal “food network” host Valerie Bartinelli has angered many Americans with her comments about the Texas school shooting.

There are some reports that claim he was also a cross-dresser, so he was very uncomfortable with his skin.

A confused, mentally ill child.

He would drive around and BB would shoot random people with guns.

Ramos went from a shy, sweet kid to a dark, weird person who wore all black and just stared at people.

His friends would describe Ramos’ transformation as “harsh” and said they did not understand what had happened to him.

There is no excuse for this monster’s behavior, but to further emphasize the mental illness he was probably suffering from, it is fair to mention that Salvador Ramos had a difficult life. He lived with his drug addicted mother. He grew up in a poor, very unstable environment. She had lisp and she was stuttering and was reportedly tortured at school.

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This kid was a walking / talking example of someone who desperately needed some outside help, and apparently didn’t get any, or if he did, he needed a lot more.

And if Joe Biden wasn’t a wrinkled political hack, he’ll talk about it now, not gun control.

But Joe is not interested in a solution. All he wants to do is set fire to his base.

So Biden is shuffling around, suggesting that all Americans who buy “semi-automatic rifles” are going to use them to “kill someone” and are demanding the Second Amendment for “deer hunting.”

The guy is a bleeding idiot.

Here’s this dark, “emo” kid who was violent and aggressive towards family, who hurt himself, dropped out of school, had no structure and sat playing video games all day… and I’m going to go out on a limb and guess what The games he was playing were kind of violent “first shooter” … the writing was all over the wall.

And after all, Joe Biden still wants to bypass the real issue and use this nightmare to get people to vote by mid-2022 for those who want “gun control.”

Something to get his zombies in the election.

It’s disgusting, and another example of how the Democrat Party is crumbling.

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It doesn’t matter how many violent, crazy teenagers there are … they just want a reason to push their politics.

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