Joe Biden suggests that any American purchaser would use a “semi-automatic rifle”

We now have an intelligent, unusual buffoon who is pretending to be “president,” and this is hurting the country and the American people.

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The country is going to hell in a hand basket under Joe Biden.

Rising inflation and gas prices, open borders, food crisis and skyrocketing violence.

And we are led by an Alzheimer’s patient.

It’s frustrating.

And to make matters worse, a teenage madman shot and killed 18 children at an elementary school in Texas.

More news: Liberal “food network” host Valerie Bartinelli has angered many Americans with her comments about the Texas school shooting.

The teenage terrorist was a walking example of someone who should have been in a mental institution. There are reports that he was a cross-dresser who was violent, strange and lonely. He is said to have cut off his own face to “have fun” and his friends say he has “radically changed” from a shy, sweet baby to an unfamiliar crawl.

There were a lot of signs that this kid needed help … and we should talk about that. He is asking why he didn’t get the help he desperately needed.

But instead, the shaky, aging Joe Biden is getting random, blaming the NRA and Republicans for the shooting, and now suggests that any American who buys a semi-automatic rifle is doing it just to “kill someone.”

Yes, great “unit”.

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Britbert reporter Charlie Spearing tweeted about Joe’s hateful remarks: “I thought it was an off-the-cuff comment, but the White House is now emphasizing it. Is Joe Biden really suggesting that Americans are buying semi-automatic rifles to kill people? “

And here’s what Bumbling Joe says: “The idea that an 18-year-old can go into a store and buy an assault weapon is wrong. What is the use of weapons in the name of God without killing someone?

Here’s what people are saying online:

“You will gladly equip an 18-year-old with this weapon and much more and send them into battle.”

“But you’re going to send a bunch of these to the Ukrainians, huh, but the responsible Americans can’t buy them?”

Why the need for drones and tanks without killing someone?

“This dumb old man is calling most American killers LOL Wow.”

“Gun controversy is a joke … not guns, it’s killing mentally ill people! Mental health and poverty will continue to destroy people. Stop politics and be human for a moment!”

“Is anyone seeking safety advice from someone who is defecating?”

“The idea of ​​you being president is wrong, but we’re here.”

“God: Please tell Joe to stop inviting you to try to be his gun-wielding wingman. If you do, I’ll arrange to let him know that what people want to do for sports shooting or self-defense is not his business.” Thanks for everything. “

“Ah yes” attack weapon “my favorite Dame bullshit sound”

“President Tapioka Brain is so caught up in the fad-mode for his” Second Amendment victim “that he doesn’t realize he thinks it’s not a dunk. To do. “

“You want a four-year-old to have the ability to change their gender, but an 18-year-old shouldn’t have a gun?”

“The notion that Hunter Biden is not currently serving a 10-year sentence in federal prison for his gun offenses is wrong. What is your sad excuse for not holding your own child accountable for his actions in God’s name?

Since Joe Biden was young, he believed that the Second Amendment was the right to “hunt deer.”

Seriously. Go back and listen to his past comments. That’s what he really thinks.

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He’s the last person to talk about gun rights, especially now that he has no brain to deal with.

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