Jill should have kept her yap off about how she and Joe manage their marital relationship

The Biden administrator is trying his best to make Jill and Joe, in particular, feel “popular” and “weird.”

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They want to emerge as this loving elderly couple, dutifully and selflessly serving their nation in their golden years, doing beautiful touching things together.

It doesn’t work.

The reality is: they are two greedy swamp rats who have been lining up in their pockets for decades and trying to get one last gift before Joe can no longer remember his name.

What’s happening on the world stage right now is shameful and disgusting and the polls show that most Americans don’t believe Joe Biden is fit for office.

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I know a lot of people who think Jill Biden is capable of “abusing adults”, so her beautiful anecdotes about their relationship don’t work because every day we see a man, just able to spit a sentence, who is struggling to walk off the stage by himself. , And who doesn’t understand what he’s doing or saying half the time.

There is nothing beautiful or charming about it.

So, this is probably why Jill Biden should have kept her yap off of how she and Joe supposedly “spat” with each other because it didn’t go well at all.

Jill Biden sat down for a fluffy piece with the Harper’s Market, where she told the magazine that she and Joe had “spotted” each other via text message, so the Secret Service would not listen to them.

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First Lady Jill Biden says @ Harper’s Bazaar That he and the president are managing their marital quarrel over the text so that the Secret Service does not hear their arguments. “

What on earth are they arguing about? What flavor does pudding joe get for lunch?

Comments from people were brutal:

“It simply came to our notice then that the first lady, Harper, told the market that she had given the president instruction through texts in an attempt to hide some of her difficulties with daily life.”

“It is comforting to know that we have a president who has problems in his daily life. No problem. There is nothing to see here. “

“Oh well, do they have a written record of this presidential quarrel?”

“Doubt Joe could use a phone”

“Can’t you just picture Joe screaming at the TV remote thinking it’s a phone?”

“She is nothing more than a handler. I seriously suspect that there is some kind of boyfriend quarrel between them.”

“I highly doubt Joe can talk on cell phone. Leave a text message.”

“He texts ??? No way. He’s like 105 and can’t even talk.”

“This is the only story I will use if I can keep my wife away from the sunset through text messages.”

“It’s sad, and says a lot about the current regime.”

“WTF what are they fighting about? What diaper is he going to wear? Where are the keys? Increasing from 10% to 15% for adults to cover inflation?

“Reading a teleprompter is problematic for him, he has no way of engaging in text conversations.”

“Why did he have to reveal it?” Just makes them sound weird and give more ammunition right to use against them. Oops ”

“If his texts are as distorted as his speeches, he must win every argument.”

“It makes sense. I’m sure he has no idea how to text তাই so he can voice it without interruption.

“Some tell me that most are one-sided arguments.”

“What is it in Holy High School? This whole administration and any so-called journalist who commits such filth proves what a funny joke they are! ”

“The least believable part of this whole thing is that Joe Biden knows how to text.”

“It simply came to our notice then. Biden can’t even speak coherently, leaving the text alone. “

I have to agree with the majority here.

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I think at the moment, with Joe’s cognitive problems, he’ll be lucky if he can write his name on the crayon, let’s text a whole argument.

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