Jill Biden has tried to condemn President Trump and it has been horribly wrong LOL

Fake “Doctor” and # 1 Nursemaid Jill Biden recently tried to be beautiful and it was terribly wrong for her.

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Jill, who is well-known as Joe Biden’s head nurse, is doing what she can to boost her weak, failed husband’s approval rating.

He and Joe’s sister, Valerie, think one way to improve Joe’s embarrassingly low approval ratings is to get him there to talk more with the American people.

The problem with that plan is that Joe can’t actually “talk.”

More news: If you zoom in on this Reuters photo of a so-called “regular Ukrainian citizen” you will be terrified.

Jill and Valerie think it’s 1991 and Joe Biden is still a smooth-talking DC swamp rat who can captivate the pants of any voter he comes in contact with.

What these two dingbats don’t realize is that it looks like 2022 and Joe Biden, and he looks like he’s going to be in a nursing home, slapping tapioca pudding under an Afghan blanket.

But that doesn’t stop Jill from trying to change her perception of her weak, weak, simple-minded husband … so her new mode of attack is to follow President Trump.

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Here’s what Jill is saying now: “After Trump, people came up to me and said, ‘I think I can breathe.'”

As you can imagine, Jill was roasted for what she said:

“Let’s call it what it is: complete and complete bullshit * t.”

“We call them snowflakes for a reason, Dr. Jill. Is there a prescription for that mental illness?!? “

“It’s probably more accurate than you think, they think of those stupid idiots.”

“They can’t pay for food or gas, but they can breathe. LOL OK, sounds great.”

“Democrats cater to the elite. Of course they feel like rich people don’t have to worry about baby formula gas and food prices. ”

“Jill, your old husband is suffocating the country with his gas prices and inflation.”

“What a stupid rich old woman. No worker can thank her dementia husband. ”

“This flotus bat is a hundred nuts!”

“Someone must show his Joe’s approval rating”

“Jill’s life is a lie!”

“So now we know that Jill Biden was intimidated by Donald Trump, and most green-eyed jealous of Melania … poor ill dysfunctional Wanabe Doctor Jill.”

“Okay, probably because they finally removed their masks when they were driving alone in their car.”

“A woman who is happily abusing her husband knows nothing about relief or breathing.”

It is painfully clear that Nurse Jill and the whole fraudulent Biden administration are intimidating President Trump.

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And they should be – after all, he won the 2020 election by landslide and will do it again in 2024.

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