Jason Aldian’s pro-Trump wife Brittany surprised everyone with this uniqueness

I’m not a fan of country songs.

I don’t dislike that style or anything like that. It’s not exactly something I’ve ever heard of. I like a few songs here and there, but I don’t know who sang them.

However, I must say that I am a big fan of Brittany, the wife of Jason Aldian.

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I couldn’t hum a song sung by Jason, but I love his outspoken, creative, Trump-loving, biden-loving wife.

She’s great, and she’s absolutely beautiful to boot.

She’s blonde, like “All-American” Melania.

Brittany Aldian:

So, when I saw that she really surprised everyone with a great and unique summer outfit, I had to share it with you, because she is just a stylish, free spirit.

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The Daily Caller reports that Brittany, the wife of country music star Jason Aldian, took to Instagram to bring summer time together in a way that would blow your jaw.

“Orange, you’re glad it’s summer,” Aldean asked his more than two million followers in a three-picture Sunday post featuring a dark orange bralet top, high-waisted bottoms and white pants ripped from the buttocks. The response from her followers seemed overwhelmingly positive, including from her husband who shared a series of fire and heart-eye emojis.

Aldian was topped with white and patterned bandana, aviator sunglasses and a silver crucifix necklace. According to photographs of both Aldian and Owen’s Instagram story, the look was put together for a reporting party hosted by the Aldian family, in which conservative news journalist Candace Owens was present.

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Here are three pictures of Brittany posted on Instagram. There are three pictures. Click on the arrow to go to the next one:

And if you’ve never seen Brittany’s anti-joe costume, come on … come in baby shapes too!

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Too bad Brittany didn’t strap on her “FJB” fanpack. I think that was the perfect accessory for this look, don’t you agree?

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